some thoughtful words from Elise Sutton

Everything you ever read has to be filtered through your life experiences and desires. If you are orientated to a female lead relationship, then many of Elise Sutton's writings are worth contemplating.
I have seen quotes on tumblr and elsewhere, so have copied a few to whet your appetite. 

Whatever rocks your partner and your boat is great!
Elise Sutton

"Spanking a man is an art and a skill. You start out light and sensual and you slowly build up to harder and more severe. You don’t start out too hard or it will not be erotic and powerful. The more you do it, the better you will become and the more your husband will be able to take.

Again, it is not violence but loving discipline. That is why I had you hold him and hug and kiss him afterwards. Discipline and nurturing are the flip sides of the same coin of love. Men desire physical discipline and men need physical discipline.”
-Elise Sutton

"Women are different. Girls tend to gravitate to the lovelier things in life. Yet, women possess the inner strength and the desire to be both nurturing and dominant. The problem has been that women have been programmed and kept down for centuries and have only recently been liberated to the place where they can effectively use their natural dominance for the common good.

The key for women is for women to overcome past stereotypes and past societal expectations. One way to overcome is to experiment with their own aggressive and dominant traits. While not as strong in women as in men, the ability to be aggressive is within women. Women possess the intellect and the moral character to lead but where they fall short to the male gender, is women allow the more aggressive males to bully them and intimidate them. This is understandable because on the outside, men are physically stronger. However, women are now beginning to understand that they possess inner power through their sexuality and feminine ways. Men cannot resist this and in fact, men want to submit to this.”

“You must understand the submissive male to understand how this lifestyle is fulfilling to him. Not every female domination relationship is the same. Some are more advanced than others based on the desires of the individuals involved. Some couples keep it confined to the bedroom and this satisfies them. Others take it outside the bedroom into their everyday life and this satisfies them. What I can tell you about most of these couples is that they have better marriages today now that they have embraced this lifestyle. They enjoy better intimacy and more fulfilling sex lives.

I wish every couple could feel the intimacy and the magic of a female domination relationship. I understand that it is not for everyone and it may not be for you. However, please do not make judgments about people who have a different sexuality than yours. If you could interview these couples you would discover how fulfilled they are, both the dominant woman and the submissive man.”

Interesting writings.... go visit the website

and always keep smiling

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kdpierre said...

Elise Sutton, huh? I'm quite familiar and feel she speaks very eloquently to one very specialized niche. Unfortunately she writes with broad strokes advocating things universally that really only apply to a small minority. Just look at the quotes above. "Men are this way", "women are that way", "this is the right way to spank". And then she admits that not everyone is the same. Talk about all over the map. That's the problem with Tops though. The more successful they are, the more prone to Top's Disease they become.

I liked your girl eating off the air foil better. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wise words from a wise lady. There is much love given when a man bares his bottom and accepts spanking.

Red said...

kdpierre: it is true what you say, when Elise uses broad strokes to include all men or all women. I just liked the quotes that i found over time, thus posted, for those who might look at my blog and find something about her writings that they like. at a quick glance, the woman looks like a mermaid with the black pants.

archedone; this part is true, in many cases. (such as our situation)
bottoms up