punishment or pleasure

Most men would say punishment, and some would outright refuse
you might be delightfully asked
or simply TOLD
and then
however, some men might say
if relaxing around the house, then nylon and lace can keep the libido heated up,

Many tumblr sites reference men wearing panties, with captions that range from
Your secret being discovered
or your wife offering something special if you wear panties
and then continues with it being a regular occurrence 
however, when exercising or working physically, more support is a positive...

So, if you are a male, and reading this blog, HAVE YOU EVER WORN PANTI|ES, and if yes, what is the frequency per week. Personally, i wear them three or four evenings a week.
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Rosa and I started with me wearing her panties as a sign of ownership. She said it made her feel like I was her toy doll and she was dressing me up however she wanted. One thing about women's panties though......they are not made for a guy (obviously) and I would always fall out of the front of them. She liked this though and would tease me about it.

After a while of doing this, I discovered 'pouch panties' on eBay and showed them to her. She loved several styles and we ordered some. They are great! The pouch holds the male parts admirably while the rest of the panties are decidedly feminine. Some are just cute female-panty derivatives with simple cuts and designs........but others are totally silly, frilly, lacy things with thonged backs and little ruffles and ribbons. These are perfect for certain punishments since the cheeks to be spanked are almost completely exposed.

On my blog, I have mentioned these 'post-punishment' denim 'chaps' I sometimes wear. We don't do cornertime because we both are too task-oriented to appreciate idle time......so wearing the chaps allows me to be productive while letting others see that I have been punished. When I wear these chaps I almost always have a pair of thonged pouch panties on as well.

(My one neighbor, Marta, has seen me in these so many times now, that while she still enjoys it, it has almost gotten to be something she expects now and then. I have always marvelled about how others seem to react to a guy ....especially a fairly tall and otherwise masculine-looking guy like me......in frilly panties. Several times when Marta has been around to see me in them, she has teased me as much or more about the panties than my spanked and rosy, hot cheeks! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Do I wear panties? Yes I do and I wear them 24/7 unless going to the Dr. I talked to my wife about it first and asked her what she would think of me wearing them and she liked the idea. Why do I wear them. I like the way they feel much more comfortable than cotton and both of us love the way they look on me. I would guess I've been wearing panties for about the past 7-8 years.

Anonymous said...

You are not the only male who wears panties 24/7. I also have been known to slip on a dress and heels. I love ladies attire.

Michael M said...

Nice images particularly numbers 2 & 6 . Food for wanking thought.

Michael M said...

By the way, yes, I used to wear panties.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think #7 is Yuna Kim, top Korean model and figure skater.


Dan said...

My wife put me in panties years ago. I wear 24/7 and yes even to the doctors and the gym. My wife feels it keeps me in line and submissive to her. She has even told some of her friends she wears the pants in the family and I wear the panties.

MRBILL said...

Over the past 10 years my wife has occasionally had me wear panties for fun. Within the past two years I have read about men who had their underwear replaced with panties and really like the idea. My wife is not interested in this so I bought a pack of 6 panties a few months ago. Shortly after that read about someone who was wearing men's bikini underwear, different colors but just basic cotton, and bought two packs of those. I now wear either panties or bikinis at all times.

Anonymous said...

I've been in panties for years...ever since my wife learned I was wearing hers somtimes. That also started the spanking relationship and we're both happy. My panties are a reminder of my submissive nature, but I also rather enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

I tried them on once but they look and feel better on my wife.


Red said...

Kdpierre: a great description of your lifestyle wearing panties. I have found that wearing the panties backwards gives more support, and the shortness on my bottom accentuate the feeling of submission and eroticism.

Archedone: Cindy approves of my wearing panties also

Anon: enjoy life, however it works for you

Michael m glad you like my photo selection. Why did you stop?

Matt could be!

Dan delightful to know
Mrbill: long ago, I used to wear nylon/ silk men's style underwear, as when we traveled, they were easy to wash and hang dry overnight. Nylon panties are very similar, and provide support. Men also wear thongs

Mark. As do I

Yorkie. True, but they also look good on men
Bottoms up

Red said...

all hers: if it works for your wife and you, then it is good. If a few people raise eyebrows, it just awakens them to other possibilities in life
bottoms up