oldies but goodies

Some people create very fun captions.
Are you old enough to remember Adolphe Menjow?
and, I am not certain, but Rita Hayworth's reply

raise the skirt
lower the panties
push the skirt up a little
and gently fondle her bottom in preparation fo rspanking it
bottoms up
enjoy the thoughts


Anonymous said...

Robyn has a beautiful bottom and I love caressing it, even some love pats. Would I spank her bottom? In a N.Y. minute but she has made it clear she does the spanking in our house.

Red said...

arched one: a very excellent situation, but when she feels really guilty about having screwed up something, you should ask her if a small hand spanking would help her move on from feeling guilty. A man can always hope, but still be thrilled with what life has already given him
bottoms up