Miscommunication, Spanked again

Three days, three spankings, but none since.

These posts are short, because I am using a IPad.

I enjoy a long day at the beach, wheras, Cindy does not. We awoke late, did odds and sods around the rental, but never checked the weather forecast. It was blue sky and sunshine.

We made ❤️, and Cindy eventually made sandwiches for the beach. By the time we were ready for the beach, it was cloudy and cool.One hour later, it was raining .

Admittedly, I was grumpy that afternoon. I should have checked the weather forecast first thing that morning. We should have gone to the beach asap.


OTK with the bath brush. Significant owing and squirming and feet a fluttering, as a significant spanking on a very sore bottom is damn effective. Once again, when told to stand-up, more choice spanks to the top of my butt.

Result: thank you for the spanking, grumpiness gone, and a renewed desire to communicate what we should do, not simply assuming the other person's thoughts.

Bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Wow Red, you have really managed to annoy Cindy this holiday,lol!
love Jan, xx

ronnie said...

Red, Cindy certainly put you right and spanked you out of your grumpiness.


Redtail said...

It sounds like this vacation is ordained to center around sound spankings for you.My wife and I did a similar vacation to Vegas.Careful what your wish for.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall you ever being spanked this much on vacation. Just an idea to make it easier for Cindy maybe when alone in your rental you could just be naked and save Cindy the time of having you undress.

Red said...

Jan: No, not really. We are very relaxed. a spanking for a specific reason, and the before and afterwards are great, as is the making love. I encourage Cindy to spank me, and she is just following with my desires.

Ronnie: so very true, with zero grumpiness in the last eleven days.

Red tail: very true, and I am being relaxed and careful. We go through phases like this, but I have not been posting them.

Arched one: great idea, in more ways than one.
Bottoms up