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Some commenters talk about spankings given because their husband was caught watching porn.  If he is watching it alone, then that is not as if they watched it together.
However, porn can help keep the sex drive in high gear, at least in my opinion.
Cindy does not agree, but does not mind my looking through tumblr and websites gathering photos and art for the blog. I have in the past posted photos of my spanked bottom, but it was fun to find my bottom suitably captioned. Here is my spanked bottom captioned with today's topic
We have watched porn many, many years ago together, and the quality has improved since then. Believable acting is very difficult to come by.Maybe we should try it again some time soon.  Women now produce sexual videos, and I imagine there must be some that are fun to watch. If they are done with intelligence, then
So, do you and your partner ever watch porn together.


Can you recommend a film that you both enjoyed...

Many spankings lead to fabulous sex, but there are other ways also, and
to chase away any troubles, blue moods, relieve stress, or anything getting you down.

Enjoy life... Here is a one way that might help cheer up a woman: a young male hair stylist

enjoy life
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

It's really ironic considering how otherwise open and adventurous we are, but neither Rosa nor I watch or even like pornographic movies at all. She is not even much for erotic imagery, but I will confess a soft spot for that!

Red said...

kdpierre: Cindy has little interest, as their is rarely any intelligence in the storyline or acting. However, if anyone finds some, do let me know.
bottoms up