Do you like being spanked?

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with spanking

Some, after being spanked, are extremely happy  (I just love this photo)
 Some have a less happy face, and are grimacing
I enjoy everything about spanking,
The come here!
the baring
Being lead over the knee
but the actual spanking
Well, as you can see above, at least the woman is happy
and the aftercare (many times)

is amazing

So, do you like being spanked?

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

The honest answer to that changes with the circumstances. I certainly have the capability to enjoy a fun one or a sexy one....or even a re-centering. But the punishment ones for misbehavior are no fun.

Anonymous said...

I love getting spanked. I love it when we talk anout arranging a play time, I love getting my toys out, I love going over her lap and handing her the first implement. I love every single swat/stroke and it's after effects. I love the exhilaration and the "kick" from the endorphins. I love the after glow and the fantastic sex.I love it when she leaves marks. I love looking in the mirror and admiring her artwork.



an English Rose said...

Hi Red, yes thank you I definitely do,
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

It was I that asked for that first spanking over a disagreement we had. after we had great sex and talked about what happened. I told her how much it stung which she knew from my reactions. She admitted she liked giving it to me. I requested she spank me any time she felt it was needed and she replied she would also spank me just because she felt like it. Yes I do like it and everything that leads up to the spanking.

Red said...

KDPIERRE: a very excellent answer, and similar to my experiences, except Cindy rarely does a true punishment spanking.

Jack: glad to know that your wife spanks you, and that you agree that you need to be spanked at times. Thus, you are happy to be spanked to have a more wonderful relationship

Yorkie: you are the poster man for having spanking in your relationship where you are spanked. Keep enjoying life.

Jan: wonderful to hear Hope you get spanked soon...

Domhall: being spanked reduces my stress immensely, also..

archedone: Great! Sounds delightful and perfect.

Thanks to everyone who commented... (sad that so many visit this blog, but do not ever leave a comment, but such is life)

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My spankings are fun-based, not for punishment. I love when it happens. Best wishes, Marco & Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

You asked for the spanking and she liked doing it. That's the win-win of a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Posterman? Hmm. Nice. Thanks Red! I think you have made my day!


Red said...

Marco: life should be enjoyed, so spankings for fun are great

Yorkie:happy to make your day
Bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to be spanked by a woman and only have had one woman who did it to me. she was about my size and a hot head. it started with an argument then she just started swating me with a miniature baseball bat. I really liked her, but she had a wild side and I left her because I was afraid of going to jail because of her. what a shame. she never knew how much I liked it either.

woody919 said...

I'm a man and sometimes my wife will spank me. I like it. I think I got it started. It's not often; it's usually on one of our "kinky sex date nights" which happen every 3 or 4 months and we are both a bit drunk. She has spanked me with floggers, a length of bamboo cane, and belts. It can be painful but it hurts good. One one occasion she must have whipped me a little harder than usual because my butt stung for 2 or 3 days. Every time I would sit down at work my butt would sting... and I would just smile and think of my wild little bride.

Red said...

anon: too bad you did not tell her, and see if the wild side was controllable.

anon: time you talked to your wife, and experiment with a spanking when neither is drunk. It is all-right to be kinky and play more often, but always knowing what is happening, not when you are drunk.
bottoms up

Unknown said...

I love to be spanked! My wife and I have used spanking as foreplay for 40+ years. Sex always follows a spanking, but a spanking is not always required before sex.

Twice in all of those years, I gave my wife a "punishment" spanking at her request, once before we were married and once after marriage. She never confessed as to why she deserved her punishment spankings and I never asked. Sex followed both of her punishment spankings.

We started out with her getting spanked more often than me, then it gradually changed to us spanking each other, now I receive almost all of the spankings - which is fine with me! We both still achieve our goal of heightened arousal regardless of who is being spanked or doing the spanking.

For the most part we spank with hands, paddles, and the occasional belt or switch. All spankings are delivered and received totally nude - why waste time for the sex that always follows?