thoughts for a Female Lead relationship

Just a fun post of captions that I have seen
would they believe the following scenario
and the result
the lecture while you are naked and she remains clothed
a moment of reflection for both of us
Maybe Cindy will get ready for bed afterwards
the above is an everyday possible occurrence in our house
A few smiles for today...
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helping your libido

Some commenters talk about spankings given because their husband was caught watching porn.  If he is watching it alone, then that is not as if they watched it together.
However, porn can help keep the sex drive in high gear, at least in my opinion.
Cindy does not agree, but does not mind my looking through tumblr and websites gathering photos and art for the blog. I have in the past posted photos of my spanked bottom, but it was fun to find my bottom suitably captioned. Here is my spanked bottom captioned with today's topic
We have watched porn many, many years ago together, and the quality has improved since then. Believable acting is very difficult to come by.Maybe we should try it again some time soon.  Women now produce sexual videos, and I imagine there must be some that are fun to watch. If they are done with intelligence, then
So, do you and your partner ever watch porn together.


Can you recommend a film that you both enjoyed...

Many spankings lead to fabulous sex, but there are other ways also, and
to chase away any troubles, blue moods, relieve stress, or anything getting you down.

Enjoy life... Here is a one way that might help cheer up a woman: a young male hair stylist

enjoy life
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adventurous Tuesdays.. tasting your own cum

Something that some (many??) men might think is quite mainstream in the caption world of tumblr and blogger.
Cindy was reluctant at first, and her statements were very much along the line "are you sure you don't mind"
Has your wife ever said to you...
or maybe...
This is very, very true in our love making
If you are a woman who is reading this blog... have you ever asked your husband.. 
and really, with all the oral videos of a man shooting his cum on a woman... is this not appropriate?

Tasting a woman's cum with your own is delicious..
For more photos and captions of this type
Your thoughts..
and if you have never tried it, there is always this solution
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oldies but goodies

Some people create very fun captions.
Are you old enough to remember Adolphe Menjow?
and, I am not certain, but Rita Hayworth's reply

raise the skirt
lower the panties
push the skirt up a little
and gently fondle her bottom in preparation fo rspanking it
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enjoy the thoughts


sweet words

ah...... it may be a little hard to read...
but the look  on his face changing from lust to sadness says it all...
or, if you prefer actual people

but, as every wife learns, more than her hand is needed to make the spanking effective... 
So she may move to the spanking chair for better freedom with that wooden hair brush
and end his spanking with a good dose of the belt.
pleasant ideas for many, but not all

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No dearth of spankings

Some people write on various blogs about how infrequent their spankings are. All I can say is that situation has not happened on this vacation.

Spanking number FOUR still has me with a sore bottom two days after. The love making has also been awesome!

With my foolish encouragement, Cindy is spanking anytime she is slightly annoyed 😒 at my behaviour.

This time , she was determined to make the spanking memorable.

Bare bottom,, prone over her knees, on the bed, with Cindy propped up by pillows behind her back at the wall ! Thus, a much more fleshy bottom, and a wider area to spank.

Cindy used the bath brush, and with many slow methodical spanks, really reddened my bottom and top of the back of my legs. Slow spanks permit the bottom to absorb more punishment and a lasting after effect.

When permission to stand up was given, it was only to rearrange the pillows, now to be one on top of the other! Thus, I was once again prone, bottoms up, over the pillows, now awaiting the tawse!

The second phase of my spanking started, as though my bottom had not been spanked for months. Cindy has gotten a feeling for how to use this long tawse, and it was used very effectively.

When Cindy finished, my bottom was on 🔥, but Cindy was the most 😭 emotionally affected. I am the one who encourages her to spank harder, but it is not her normal desire when spanking me!

I thanked Cindy for the effective spanking, and stated if anyone should have 😢, it should be me! After hugging and kissing, I suggested she give me two or three more strong spanks with the bath brush! By now she was fine again and smiling, and I bent over at the waist! EIGHT corkers !!!!! wow , did they hurt. Corkers means extremely effective.

We went out for dinner, and i did fidget and squirm in my chair, much to Cindy's amusement and smiling glances!

The next morning, Cindy asked me to show her my bottom, and. was very pleased to see and announce how delightfully pink my bottom looked.

Love making later that day was wonderfully awesome

Bottoms up


Miscommunication, Spanked again

Three days, three spankings, but none since.

These posts are short, because I am using a IPad.

I enjoy a long day at the beach, wheras, Cindy does not. We awoke late, did odds and sods around the rental, but never checked the weather forecast. It was blue sky and sunshine.

We made ❤️, and Cindy eventually made sandwiches for the beach. By the time we were ready for the beach, it was cloudy and cool.One hour later, it was raining .

Admittedly, I was grumpy that afternoon. I should have checked the weather forecast first thing that morning. We should have gone to the beach asap.


OTK with the bath brush. Significant owing and squirming and feet a fluttering, as a significant spanking on a very sore bottom is damn effective. Once again, when told to stand-up, more choice spanks to the top of my butt.

Result: thank you for the spanking, grumpiness gone, and a renewed desire to communicate what we should do, not simply assuming the other person's thoughts.

Bottoms up


Spanked the next evening

Spanked Thursday, drove Friday, spanked Sunday, and now another on Monday. Each was deserved, and somehow they cannot be avoided. Certainly they can be avoided, but only by living an angelic life, and that is a situation that few men can ever achieve, while they are alive.

Cindy has finished a set of antibiotics, and is feeling well. We stopped after dinner at a restaurant, at a bar with music. The antibiotics ended four days ago, but last a few days longer. I asked her what she wanted to drink, and she replied ginger ale. I was having a Guinness, as it was an Irish bar, so asked again if she would like a Guinness. Oops

" I have told you at dinner and just now that I am not drinking alcohol today or tomorrow."

The entertainment was excellent, and a few families there were doing Irish dancing, and delightfully two young girls, maybe 4 and 6 danced alone to the music at times.

A delightful evening!

When we entered our cottage, Cindy immediately stated: get in the bedroom, get out a spanking implement, and prepare yourself!!!!!, then wait for me.

Dumbfounded, I entered the bedroom. , took out the long tawse , stripped naked, put two pillows, one on top of the other, and positioned my self over the pillows so that my bottom was raised. 

Upon entering our bedroom, Cindy stated  "Well, at least you can listen, sometimes " 

Cindy picked up the tawse, and administered many spanks with it. Then, a pause, while she stated that I am not to push alcohol at her! Refreshed, Cindy began again with the sound of the tawse being echoed by my grunts and owns, and feet dancing. 

When Cindy stopped, I thanked her for the spanking, apologized for my errors, and when looking in the mirror, saw that my bottom was red from the top of the legs and bottom crease, to the top of my bottom. The leather implement permits spanking higher without fear of injury, but never, ever, above the bottom.

We are having a wonderful vacation, and I am glad there is no nude beach anywhere nearby.

Bottoms up 


Spanked on vacation

We are having a wonderful time, swimming in the ocean, eating seafood, and relaxing. However, I keep screwing up, briefly, and being significantly spanked each time.

Knowing that we are in a phase of spankings that are more meaningful and very effective, I brought with us the wooden bath brush, and the long tawse. (Something I am already regretting)

Maybe the canes I purchased from Ronnie have encouraged Cindy to spank harder.

Sunday had me otk for the bath brush, after a long drive Saturday.  We have both forgotten the reason why, but it was an appropriate response to something I did or stated.

The spanking had it's usual effect of my feet dancing, and much owing, which Cindy is enjoying. Appreciation for her efforts. The spankings are no longer short, and Cindy pauses at least once or more times to take a little rest, then begins again refreshed!

When permission was given to stand, it was simply so the finishing touches could be given to the top part of my bottom, and a significant number of spanks were given. While otk, Cindy states that my bottom has no padding at the higher parts. Thus, a solution has been found to correct this white area! Yikes!

I thanked Cindy for the spanking. We took a picture, but on the regular camera, which I cannot transfer here. I also have a problem on my windows 10 computer that it somehow has a few photos of my spanked bottom stored in it's picture file, and it has popped up a couple of times when the computer moves to sleep mode. This also got me significantly spanked , and I am trying to find the photos to delete them. Any suggestions, besides keeping the computer off whenever anyone visits?
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Spanked before the vacation

Briefly writing a post while relaxing, after drinking too much wine last night! It appears we are in a cycle of frequent significant spankings.
Two days before leaving, when we were walking in the door from a neighbors  house, I was told to go get a tawse and bring it to me!!!
I was very quickly bare bottom over Cindy's knees for a strong, rapid fire tawsing that had my feet dancing immensely and immediately. After many spanks, a pause to explain what I had done that incensed Cindy, and then the spanking commenced again with renewed vigor.
Eventually the spanking ended, and I was permitted to rise, apologize for my transgression, and thank Cindy for the spanking. My bottom was a fire engine red, and was still sore for our day long drive  36 hours later.
A far better solution than being angry at each other for hours or days.
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Late again

This caption is rather apropos!
I tried this once, but only once
at least, pone person is happy, and as the saying goes....
Happy Wife, Happy Life

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male nipple play

Re-visiting a fun topic, here is a link some might enjoy...


It can be playful
or very playful
or a quick nip or even a strong bite hat adds to the enjoyment and in this case submission

it can be very SENSUAL and thoroughly delightful

when you click the link, best to look at the archive to find the fun and sensual postings, as some are also BDSM.
Give it a try a few times, as the first couple of times Cindy did not think much of it, but now it is one of our many favorite go to items when making love.

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Why men get spanked

Sometimes, it is simply because a woman does not appreciate our sense of humor....
Her reaction was straight forward
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I purchased a tee-shirt with this on while in Bonaire..
 always love Bizarro

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