the belt

A very common way to be spanked, is simply for a belt to be used. Most men wear a belt daily, so they have the implement  handy to either spank, or be spanked with.
The fear and anticipation that starts as the belt is slowly being removed
 seducing you into the scene of your spanking
It 's longing and loving cress by the spanker
and then those words you dread (while she has a look of enjoyment saying those words)
and without further delay 
Cindy has used my belt to spank me many times in the past. 

if you would like to see a few sites devoted primarily to the belt


bottoms up



  1. Like you Red my bottom knows the belt very well and for some reason when Robyn uses the belt on me she calls it kissing my bottom.

  2. The spankee in #7 is in for more than just the belt. look at that table! Whew!! But I love his position and the clothed-female mude-male added element.


  3. I hate the belt. I just get the shivers when I see my wife removing her belt or removing my belt for a well earned whipping.

  4. Fondles: it can be very effective

    archedone: some kisses are different than others, but all given with love.

    Matt: the belt might be a gentle warm-up in picture #7 I also enjoy fully clothed woman, nude male.

    Dan: love/hate relationship with many implements
    bottoms up

  5. Red, I hope this note finds you well spanked by Cindy. By the way this is Jan with a little follow up on spanking my hubby outside at the picnic table for throwing a temper tantrum. As you know there was a real audience around the neighbor hood to see him get his bottom spanked. Well evidently it certainly impressed many of the wives who seen it or heard about it. I never had so many visitors all women looking for advice on spanking there husband. They all said how my husband certainly showed signs how he can be a good boy by washing windows, mowing grass and weeding my flower beds. They all commented on how polite he has been. SEE spanking works on bad boys what ever their age. Jan

    1. Jan: very true, but initially spanking has to be consensual, as a way of addressing a problem. We feel it is better to be spanked for some problem that could have been avoided, and then move on, as opposed to arguing and being cold. Ground rules must exist as to who will be spanked, and reasons why. Spankings cannot be brutal, draw blood, or leave bruises. these are our ideas, that many spanking couples share. In ;our situation, the wife can also be spanked, but not as strongly as I am. Have fun with the neighbors.
      bottoms up


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