spanked with the short tawse

We have had family visiting, but then they went elsewhere for the day. It is absolutely fabulous having family visit! I mentioned to Cindy that it has been a number of days since I have been spanked, and a few more days before another opportunity will come along. Cindy made a non-committal response. Oh well, thought I.

Later that afternoon, after I had a shower, and walked into the bedroom to  put clothes on, I discovered Cindy sitting on the spanking chair, looking very pleased! She was smiling just like this delightful woman to the left! "I would like something leather! You know I enjoy using leather to spank your bottom. The tawse!"

Yes Dear. The chair was moved out into the centre of the room, and I brought the tawse to her. Cindy enjoys my having to retrieve the implement(s) that I will be spanked with.

Bare bottom, over the knee, with tawse flying at my bottom. Many, many spanks had my feet dancing a jig, and me ohhing and ahhing, but mostly owwwing.

Cindy is quite serious about giving a good spanking, so
Gives many at one spot;
then moves somewhere else to repeat the many spanks;
then the backs of the legs get a treatment;
and sometimes even pushing my bottom up a little so as to concentrate on the join of buttocks to back of legs.

Pause! "How are your arms, and shoulders?" They are okay!

"I am just taking a rest, then we will continue!"

I have stopped trying to count spanks, as that distracts from the spanking, as you are focusing your mind elsewhere. I am CERTAIN CINDY was smiling just like this lady will spanking her man!!!!

In total, Cindy took two pauses, recommencing with stronger spanks each time, and just as many  (more or less) spanks as the first portion of the spanking.

My bottom was on fire, when she finally stated I could standup, and I promptly thanked her for spanking me!

  • They do not bruise
  • They do not cut
  • they leave a deep red color
  • a  lasting burn that I still feel three days later
  • your partner can visually see that she is not causing any real injury.
Fortunately, I have two padded chairs that I sit on, so no unnecessary squirming when family returned.

The spanking reduced all stress for both Cindy and I!

and, in regards to anything I post....

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

With Cindy using the tawse on you so often you are making me jealous. Checking in my shop I've got a great piece of old belt I can make my own tawse and found some wood for a great handle. With luck and taking me time to do it right I should have it done by my birthday this month then I can let you know my thoughts on it.
Get ready bottom the tawse is coming LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that guy has one red butt! The tawse really does look effective.


Baxter said...

hmmm, may have to look into a tawse for R to deal with my bottom, which I would like it to look like that guy above. I think my wife would like doing that

Red said...

archedone: enjoy... hope the craftsman is suitably rewarded.

Matt: it can be

Baxter: so much pleasure to look forward to...
bottoms up