Ronnie's canes put to good use...

We seem to have gotten into a cycle where I am being spanked often. Why this is happening is uncertain to me, but I can offer some ideas...

The significant first caning the day before a busy weekend with family and friends, as a warning, was also followed by the Saturday having a short somewhat strong caning to behave before going out, now using the somewhat swishier cane... On an already sore bottom, this had a salutary effect. The day was excellent.

The Sunday, just again before leaving, was now the turn of the teacher style cane, with a crooked handle, that  is MAXIMUM SWISHY. Just a set of six, but after six maybe just six more, and WOW,  Cindy did not use the cane strongly, but it was VERY EFFECTIVE.

Thus, three canings in three days, and this humble man owns five of Ronnie's canes.

Why more spankings?
1. Cindy was a little reluctant to write to Ronnie,  as Cindy is super friendly, but innately shy. However, acquiescing to my request, Cindy was delighted after reading Ronnie's super friendly response. Cindy would rather talk about family, and get to know someone, than simply talk about spanking. Thus, Cindy now has a better idea of another wonderful person who happens to enjoy spanking,  as opposed to one (and only one)  unfortunate experience we once had. (even though most of that adventure had been wonderful) There are so many wonderful spankos in the world.  I guess it is something like Cindy would never talk about our sex life with someone, so the idea of talking to someone only about spanking would be unacceptable. Talking about family, travel, exciting things is far more important. By writing to Ronnie, Cindy is more comfortable with the idea of spanking me. Cindy goes through phases, like everyone else, and this phase is spank now, and spank often. If I do something she dislikes, bare your bottom. It works.

2. We do not have sex after every spanking, and thus the build up of sexual tension makes the sex a day or two later explosive.

3. We are content and extremely happy and fortunate in life, and thus spank away any little problem.

4. Cindy is using spankings to have me do positive things. She has promised me a spanking tomorrow, simply so that I plan activities for myself when she is busy all day for the next period of time. no plans, longer spanking, daily, on an already wells spanked bottom.

In summary, Cindy used the cane last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and since then she has used the food stirrer twice in the kitchen for on the spot, and the short OTK cane from Ronnie, in an over the knee spanking in our bedroom. You might now understand why I am sititng on a well padded chair writing this.

ASIDE: I am re-publishing my former blog... spankedhubby.blogspot.com , about once a day or two, and I am amazed that their were so many spankings given by Cindy (then called Lynn) in a short period of time. We seem to be in that phase currently. Th epostings currently are from 2005, so twelve years ago. Makes us confirmed spankos.

oh yes... OTK   means, as I defined it back then  Only Too Kind...
(photos of women being caned, much better than seeing my bottom)
bottoms up



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Red said...

Hi tommy: We do not agree with sparking children. Your reference to this is why I removed the comment.

Redtail said...

Thanks for restarting your old "SpankedHubby" blog. It was one of the first great F/M spanking blogs that I could relate to. When you started publishing again as "Consensual Spanking", I was pretty sure the style had to be of the old "Mike". I'm glad you stayed with the blogging in spite of some problems along the way. I've enjoyed both blogs and have followed them regularly.

Red said...

Retail: thanks for the kind words. Glad you like both blogs. In re-posting the old blog, I have found that I was well spanked extremely often.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Just a thought Red but maybe Cindy wants both of you to get better acquainted with the canes. Her in using them and you in feeling them. But happy for both of you for doing what you love.

ronnie said...

Six of the best. That cane was swishy:) I've very pleased that Cindy is happy and comfortable using the canes. It was lovely to receive an email from Cindy. Thanks for the mention, appreciate it.

I will add spankedhubby to my next 'In with the New'

Love to both,

Red said...

archedone: a definite learning experience for both of us.

ronnie; Fortunately, Cindy is still tentative with the canes, but I am certain that will change over time.
bottoms up