end art tribute

Endart was a fun website, that produced many wonderful spanking images.
Both men and women were spanked,
Spanking was done with a sense of humor

Some images show that spanking encourages erotic and sexual activities
This piece of art is delightful... you just know what is going to happen next
I can just seeing this happening if we visited P and Ronnie, either publicly with Ronnie's  bottom covered

or Ronnie, cheerfully saying (be back soon)

of course, unwanted spankings were always prevalent
However, many male spankings were given in an office setting
for men who like to be spanked,
This is quite a delightful scenario
Unfortunately, the site has disappeared, because too much free material is everywhere you care to look on the internet
Some men and women would like this for their wedding night
some women might be less receptive
So, I will close with a famous art work by Underling
bottoms up


  1. The marriage is close to what I can relate to. We agreed to several points prior to our marriage. My wife knew I needed some reminders, I did to, we both wonder if the marriage would ever happen. She was really my last chance and more than any other understood. On our honeymoon, it was made clear this marriage was going to last, and she was going to make sure of that. I had to stand naked, hands at side, while she sat and reminded me of our agreement. I went over her lap and she did not hold back. I faced the wall for a good half hour and when told to come to bed, she and I made great love, but I was reminded this is how the marriage will be and sex will not follow a spanking.

  2. I guess this means Endart is not publishing any longer?

  3. Anon:glad spanking works for your marriage... eventually, sex can be included afterwards. One idea is her on top, and on a hard wooden floor

    Tomy: sadly gone, but lots to look at. Unfortunately, without enough paying customers, a site cannot survive.
    bottoms up


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