Caned with Ronnie's Canes

The canes took just ten actual days to arrive, the ten days including the day mailed and the day received, and includes a weekend. Extremely fast, and maybe a little too fast.

It took only one day for me to receive the benefits of their arrival.

Cindy stated early in the day that I imagine I will have to spank you later, as we have two weekend engagements, and this will help ensure good behavior.

Later that day, when Cindy stated it was time for your spanking!!!!, she asked me to give her one of the canes my friend had sent. (we had purchased 4, and Ronnie included a fifth for good luck, and because of our friendship.... (some friend you might say...an extra cane! YIKES!!!)

Not being the dumbest person on the internet, I took them out, experimented with the swish, and picked the one that was LEAST swishy.

Bare bottomed, bending at the waist, hand on bed for support. While in this position, Cindy always asks if my back is okay, are my abs tightened, and responding yes, the spanking begins.
Cindy was mild with the strokes, but I felt every one of them. Cindy remarked how this was making nice red lines across my bottom. Some were swishy, but most were not. However, my bottom was treated to about thirty strokes.

To ensure good behaviour, I was then  positioned prone on the bed, with my bottom raised by two pillows at my groin, and another ten good strokes were applied.  Strokes like this this following gif leave a very DEEP BURNING SENSATION.
Cindy did NOT use the arm swing and force that she normally uses with the tawse, or bath brush, but this was a very effective spanking.

Thus, when she uses them with a real intensity, they will be something that truly catches your attention IMMEDIATELY!!!  (and this was the least swishy cane)

I have felt the effect of the cane throughout the day, and into the next day.

If you have never been caned, I highly recommend you purchase one or two from Ronnie. Tell her that I recommended you

Almost forgot! we then a hour or two later made love, and it was SPECTACULAR!

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how the cane felt on your bottom as I've never really felt a real cane. But I have felt the rod from window blinds a few times and not only stings but leaves welts. I also have the tawse made and waiting for my birthday to feel it being used.

ronnie said...

I was surprised how quickly they arrived.

I was more than happy to send you an extra one, that's what friends are for. You are right, they catch your breath immediately. I think Cindy will be happy leaving nice red lines on your bottom. Delightful.

Thank you both.


Hermione said...

Wow! Those canes must really be effective. Ronnie is sure to have orders flooding in after everyone reads this post.


Red said...

archedone: enjoy the tawse... the cane is worrisome if used significantly, as I imagine the rod from the blinds.

ronnie: Cindy is very enamored with the canes. Obviously, more than i am, but something that will be effective in very little time or effort for Cindy. Thanks (i think I should say that).

Hermione: they are effective, and your bottom should also enjoy their sweet kisses.

bottoms up