how to change the mood in your house

Sometimes, this is all that it takes
This may not be some people's cup of tea, as the saying goes, 

but for others it invokes a reaction that allows them to serve their wife a cup of tea!
and, without doubt
bottoms up
Do you wish that you could tell your friends of one of the secrets that makes such a happy marriage

bottoms up



fun with wooden spoons

Either the wooden spoon, or the wooden food stirrer is used on my bottom about once a week, for some silly thing I have done in the kitchen that has frustrated or annoyed Cindy.
I rarely post about those spankings, because they  rarely last longer than 30 seconds to a minute, and all is well again. I will admit however, that Cindy has ramped them up so that they are very effective, and every spank has significant impact and are felt. She has even stopped, but stated "stay bent over", I am just taking a rest", then another minute is a very long spanking. Just imagine how many spanks can be given in that time! They are rapid fire events.

This next photo could be Cindy, smiling as she holds the wooden spoon, about to correct a problem, or having just finished correcting a problem

I never have to fully undress, but bare bottom is a MUST EVERY TIME!!!!
Yes, there is a door at our kitchen, and we have told neighbors just to come into our garden to pick some fruits or herbs whenever they need.  I sometimes wonder if someone will eventually see us.
In closing,
How many readers have ever spanked, or been spanked, with the kitchen spoon

bottoms up, and do not worry....



Spanking Implements count

A recent post showing spanking implements on a wall, has made me wonder how many spanking implements that we own.
Here is a basket full of trouble, that I found at a friend's house when we visited. She spanked me using implement(s) from this arsenal. you can rad about it on the link below.
The rules for this count are:
  • You have been spanked with the implement, even though it is not the implement's primary purpose, you should count it as a spanking implement.
  • Think about all the spankings you may have received and also given, and count the total.
  • a hand is an implement, but let us just count everyones' hand that has spanked you as only one.

I was going to put a poll here, but Sparklit has closed down, so it's free polls are no longer available. If anyone knows how to use a free poll within a post, do let me know. (This looks like fun)

Let me start:
5 canes form Ronnie
1 cane from DWC
1 carpet beater (masttenklopper) from Danielle
1 Ms hurley from Danielle
1 'Holey Terror' from DWC
1 'old reliable' wooden paddle from DWC
2 tawses from Can-iac 
1 loopy johnny from Can-iac
1 leather studded heart shaped paddle
1 long leather paddle
1 five finger leather paddle
1 round shaped leather paddle
1 flogger (rarely used)
1 wooden soup stirrer
1 wooden spoon
2 different leather belts
1 occasional slipper
1 hand
2 different wooden hair brushes
1 sort of strings of leather... really no effect whatsoever

so far, my list is 27 in number, but I am certain it is more.... or has felt that way...

we had, but discarded
1 whippy cane from dwc (but it wrapped terribly and he tip would mark badly for days and days)
1 dwc hard rubber type prison strap (the dominator) which was just awful, with intense searing pain with a flick of the wrist... just not our cup of tea.
1 lexan paddle, which was just  BLAH!!!!even though it had holes

No need to write all the implements (but you may if you wish), but it would be great if you left your fictitious name, the count, and whether you are the spanker or the spankee.

bottoms up


Spanking thoughts for today

Almost all men can agree with this!!!
 best also simply to admit you are wrong...
She will be only too happy to bare your bottom
 and after the spanking, have you freally admit that you had erred...
Enjoy the make-up sex afterwards
 and remember

bottoms up


tumblrs that are about F/M spanking

So many tumblrs have spanking of men, that the dark secret of twelve years ago has certainly gone more mainstream.

 This is very true! I am spanked for many reasons, and if it is the same reason soon after, then the spanking is much firmer.

 Dear, where are you?
RONNIE'S SWISHY TEACHER CANE IS EVERY MUCH AS FRIGTHENING AS THIS ONE IN THE PICTURE,   and Cindy sometimes looks this daunting (and always this beautiful)


bottoms up


just before being spanked

Today's rendition is what many men last see before going OTK. Sometimes, you only focus on the implement.
Sometimes you see the happy smile on her face, when she sees the look of fear that your face exhibits when you see this belt
Sometimes you only see her stare, as no words are necessary to explain what is about to happen, and then you see the belt
The look, the arms on hips, and then you see the carpet beater (with your bottom to be the carpet)
the beckoning finger, which is TRULY a order you cannot refuse

that dastardly paddle
or just such a happy smile, knowing that you see the implement, and you also realize how much FUN she is going to have spanking you

bottoms up


Ronnie's canes put to good use...

We seem to have gotten into a cycle where I am being spanked often. Why this is happening is uncertain to me, but I can offer some ideas...

The significant first caning the day before a busy weekend with family and friends, as a warning, was also followed by the Saturday having a short somewhat strong caning to behave before going out, now using the somewhat swishier cane... On an already sore bottom, this had a salutary effect. The day was excellent.

The Sunday, just again before leaving, was now the turn of the teacher style cane, with a crooked handle, that  is MAXIMUM SWISHY. Just a set of six, but after six maybe just six more, and WOW,  Cindy did not use the cane strongly, but it was VERY EFFECTIVE.

Thus, three canings in three days, and this humble man owns five of Ronnie's canes.

Why more spankings?
1. Cindy was a little reluctant to write to Ronnie,  as Cindy is super friendly, but innately shy. However, acquiescing to my request, Cindy was delighted after reading Ronnie's super friendly response. Cindy would rather talk about family, and get to know someone, than simply talk about spanking. Thus, Cindy now has a better idea of another wonderful person who happens to enjoy spanking,  as opposed to one (and only one)  unfortunate experience we once had. (even though most of that adventure had been wonderful) There are so many wonderful spankos in the world.  I guess it is something like Cindy would never talk about our sex life with someone, so the idea of talking to someone only about spanking would be unacceptable. Talking about family, travel, exciting things is far more important. By writing to Ronnie, Cindy is more comfortable with the idea of spanking me. Cindy goes through phases, like everyone else, and this phase is spank now, and spank often. If I do something she dislikes, bare your bottom. It works.

2. We do not have sex after every spanking, and thus the build up of sexual tension makes the sex a day or two later explosive.

3. We are content and extremely happy and fortunate in life, and thus spank away any little problem.

4. Cindy is using spankings to have me do positive things. She has promised me a spanking tomorrow, simply so that I plan activities for myself when she is busy all day for the next period of time. no plans, longer spanking, daily, on an already wells spanked bottom.

In summary, Cindy used the cane last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and since then she has used the food stirrer twice in the kitchen for on the spot, and the short OTK cane from Ronnie, in an over the knee spanking in our bedroom. You might now understand why I am sititng on a well padded chair writing this.

ASIDE: I am re-publishing my former blog... spankedhubby.blogspot.com , about once a day or two, and I am amazed that their were so many spankings given by Cindy (then called Lynn) in a short period of time. We seem to be in that phase currently. Th epostings currently are from 2005, so twelve years ago. Makes us confirmed spankos.

oh yes... OTK   means, as I defined it back then  Only Too Kind...
(photos of women being caned, much better than seeing my bottom)
bottoms up



Spanking Art sites

Many, many people like looking at spanking art, and I am one of them....
So, today, here is a selection of sites you might like to look at.

However, they are either consensual, or fantasy, and the 
vast majority will have young women being spanked. However, here is one for KDPIERRE that shows a office setting where the MAN is about to be spanked

Have fun looking, but also realize many sites have children being spanked, and that is something WE FIND UNACCEPTABLE.. CONSENTING ADULTS ONLY!

Irony for today, to make you smile

 political, or just plain funny