It has been quite some time since I have been spanked, so Cindy decided she needed to inform me about a behavior that I need to be certain to moderate.
A spanking can be very intimidating even before it begins, as this photo is almost like Cindy, sitting on the spanking chair, fully clothed, as I strip naked.
My erection came swiftly, but Cindy just smiled, and patted her knees.The meaning being bend over here, NOW!!!

Cindy gave many sharp quick spanks, and my feet were dancing, and I was owwing to the beat...

Cindy took a pause, and had me stand in front of her! A smile as she looked at my flaccid penis, knowing that her spanking was certainly getting my attention. She explained why i was being spanked, and then back over for another dose.

This time she concentrated on the back of my legs, and specially where legs meet bottom, as she pushed my bottom up a little to make the skin tight, and she could spank the tightened crease. Many spanks and many owws...

Pause, so stand up and relax your shoulders. A small lecture of how I should now behave. Back over the knee where many spanks were again delivered, with now my cheeks being pulled to the left and then to the right, so that the tawse could reach within the cheeks and spank this normally virgin area.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and Cindy went to shower and get ready for going out. I am writing this while waiting to go out for lunch. No sex occurred immediately after the spanking, but I am hopeful for later today.

Looking in the mirror, my bottom is a bright red, as is the crack and top of my legs.. I certainly have a hot bottom while typing this., So very happy that it is a padded chair.
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Very sexy indeed. Happy to inform you that Lindsay and I are going to enjoy another BDSM-fantasy this month, Red.

Best wishes,

Lindsay & Marco

Anonymous said...

That sounds like you both had a wonderful morning. I can picture you both out in a nice restaurant having lunch. Cindy, with a smile of satisfaction at having adjusted your attitude, and you with a sore little hiney, squirming in your chair. Beautiful story. I wonder what you folks did when you got home from lunch?? Ha Ha Ha.....JayJay

Joe said...

Great story Red. A good sound spanking like we need and want.

Anonymous said...

Once again Cindy got to the "seat" of the problem. I'm sure some of your thoughts at lunch were on your sore bottom. Usually Robyn will scold me while I stand naked before her I then agree a spanking is needed and I assume the position of her desire. Then between the ouhes, and owes she is still scolding.

Red said...

Lindsay and Marco; glad you liked it. Have fun with your next adventure, and please send me a description to post.

JayJay: fabulous sex

Joe: agreed

archedone: Cindy does that also sometimes.

anon: sounds delightful
bottoms up