spanking thoughts for today

Let your inner kink out, at least with your partner, but make it safe, sane, and CONSENSUAL
One of my kinks is obvious... when in doubt if I have misbehaved
and make it effective
However, spanking your partner in public... hmmmm
enjoy life

and remember
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Spankings is my need, desire. My wife knows, some are for fun, others not. Those not I look forward to and not, but the marriage is strong. My wife needs to be in control, run the show, and so I get my need fulfilled, at times I regret and she is fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Life is to short, my desire to be spanked, I found myself purchasing spanking magazines and being single satisfying my desire. Videos, anything. I dated, kept it secret, could not bring myself to tell anyone. It did come out, a wonderful girl I met at church found my items, I had gone to the store, she had them laid out on the coffee table. I said nothing, shocked, she just smiled. Why did you not tell me she said, your spending money on this stuff and not on us. Her voice got stern and then said have you ever been spanked and I said no. She took my arm and to the kitchen we went and pulling a chair from the table, she sat, and then pulled down my pants and underpants. Not the last time she said as I went over her lap. Oh she spanked hard, long, and I was dancing afterwards, rubbing and almost crying. Well we got married, spankings still continue, worse is when I get spanked prior to church, and even worse than that being told after church I will be given a spanking. Either way I squirm in church, having been spanked or knowing I will. Stewart

Anonymous said...

Susan, I haven't been on in awhile, but my husband showed me this. The sign "Spanking is always necessary", for him it is. I know he has the thing about spankings, but knows full well, my spankings are not normally his thing, but then again life is too short and husbands who act like naughty little boys, the wife role expands to being the Mother and this Mother so enjoys spanking my naughty little boy.

Red said...

anon: glad it works for both of you

Stewart: sounds perfect. Glad for both of you folks

Susan: glad that spankings work for both of you.

Enjoy bottoms up

Njspank said...

Love spankings