spanked and fucked (pegged)

I have been asking Cindy that we should make love by her pegging me, as we have traveled significantly, and she has not fucked  (pegged) me for quite sometime. It was agreed that we would make love that way tomorrow, as  we were too busy today, and this should be a slow more relaxing event.

However, I had been off and /on stressed and or grumpy, and letting things bother me, tha tin reality are not important in life....

The following day: I had a little rant about something of really no consequence, and Cindy had  had enough of my attitude. It had been seven days since my last spanking, and she said it was time to address this attitude, BEFORE WE MAKE LOVE.

I expected a quick short spanking, but Cindy was of the opposite opinion. When asked what implement to get, I was corrected by being informed to get both tawses. OH!!!!!!

Cindy sat on the spanking chair, that I had moved into the middle of our bedroom, and patted her knee. Over her lap, she had me raise up, and lowered my panties (which I occasionally wear). The short tawse was used long and hard, and the lecture was used as a rest time for Cindy's arm, and then the spanking continued. my bottom was quite on fire, and Cindy spanked everywhere. The top of my bottom, the back of my legs, and all points in between. Cindy also pushed my bottom cheeks upwards, so that the joining area of back of legs and bottom was tight, and available for extra spanking attention. Cindy must have taken three pauses, and then recommenced the spanking. this was not play!

When Cindy stopped, and stated I could get up, i began to thank her, but she informed me that we were not finished, and I should bend over for the long tawse.
About a dozen or so strong spanks with the tawse were given, and when it wraps, of sneaks in between your cheeks, it is quite impressive in raising your pain level. Cindy used the TAWSE, NOT HER HAND
Cindy stopped, and reviewed why I was being spanked, and then said we will finish now with a few more spanks. ( Our definitions of a few are somewhat different, hers being many more than my definition.

I thanked her for the spanking, and was permitted to look at my red hot bottom in the mirror.

Cindy then took a short freshen up bath, and came out of the bathroom wearing her strap-on. We kissed and fondled, Cindy licked and sucked my cock, and then Cindy started rubbing our cocks together, but it was very rough on the skin, so I wet her cock with my mouth for a few seconds (weird but interesting).
We rubbed cocks, but the photo is NOT us.

I knelt on the bed, Cindy standing behind me, and after lots of lube, Cindy entered me. it was delightful. After some fucking (pegging), we moved onto the bed, where we were in a spooning kneeling position, and while stroking myself (cindy could not quite reach around), I orgasmed while being pegged.
Cindy then took off the strap-on, and I orally brought her to a fabulous orgasm.
I choose the gif of pegging because the man's bottom is red, obviously from a spanking. However, our dildo is no where near as large as in the gif. Our is for making love, and that is way to large for any pleasure, in my humble opinion.

The next day, no red on my bottom, but my bottom is still sore two days later. I imagine one of the benefits of a tawse is that it does not mark, or bruise, but it leaves a lasting reminder that you have been spanked.

We keep amazing ourselves, of how more sexually adventurous we ware, and how our orgasms are mind blowing.

If you would like to be spanked, or pegged, or whatever, why not discuss it with your partner.

bottoms up
and you should ALWAYS



Domhnall the Second said...

Having my freshly spanked bottom pegged is near the top of my favorite things list. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Never for both. The first picture brings fear and job to me. Been over my wife lap naked and my bottom is redder once she is finished. Stan

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks the woman does not rule the home, check out the first picture. Who is over who's lap with feet kicking and bottom getting red, it is not the wife, but the husband. There is in my opinion nothing worse than being over my wife lap and getting a spanking and to insure I get the point she uses a bar stool and my feet nor hands touch the ground nor do my hands cover my bottom. This is the worse and the dance I do afterwards is not long for she insures I face the wall, no rubbing and it takes some time for me to get under control. Jack

Anonymous said...

Jack, I can vouch that woman are the bosses at home. I have spent many a evening getting pulled over her knee on a high chair where my feet and arms dangle and never touch the floor. you got to be there to understand the pain she can deliver when you are OTK for her hairbrush. I bawl like a baby hollering and kicking and She scolds till I am begging and promising to be good. Robert

Fondles said...

I got some delightful finger fucking in both holes today, and THEN spanked. I can't say the sequence of events is usual for us, but it was still good! Glad you got what you wanted :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Red, this month, Lindsay and I will go to this bdsm-fantasy house again. Nursing is going to be the topic. Chances are, pegging could occure. I have asked Lindsay. It's still open for debate. We just have to wait and feel, haha.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

The first time my wife spanked me, was just like the first picture. She waited until I was done showering and then as I stepped out grabbed my arm, spank my bottom with a hairbrush and to the family room we went. She grabbed a bar stool and soon I dangling over her lap, kicking squirming, pleading. This was my first spanking and since then I have to undress in the family room and wait for her. Always spank while she is sitting on the bar stool. I quickly do as told as soon as the spanking is over, no matter what, I just don't want another spanking. Seth

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, Sunday I spanked Robin till he was bright on both cheeks and was crying like a baby. I then put him over the arm of the couch lubed him up a gave him a fine pegging. It wasn't long and he was ejaculating and had tears of joy calling out like a teenage girl. Jan

Trepador said...
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Eric said...

I always got an enema first. For me having to submit to that was worse than a spanking which I also got. But the whole thing was a great reminder of my place.

Red said...

Domhall: it was exciting

stan; never say never

Jack, Robert, Seth, Mike; glad it works in your household with you being spanked

Fondles: yes, I did, and glad you enjoy it also
Marco; seems likely, and will be delightful, including being spanked for having a naughty erection while being with the nurse..

Jan delightful, thanks for sharing

Eric: glad it works for both of you in your relationship

bottoms up

Njspank said...

Love it sir very erotic sessions and spanking. Love the dildo action too sounds fun. Hot

Red said...

Ron; you should try it some time
bottoms up