POLL Have spankings improved your sex life

I read this rather sad commentary on married life, in Cosmopolitan from a few months ago.... You can see the article at the bottom of this post.
" a whopping 29% of married couples have sex once a month or LESS"
"The happiest couples have sex at least once a week"

Personally, Cindy and I are closer in love than ever before, as the years have gone by. We have sex at least once a week, but normally twice and sometimes more often weekly.

I am spanked regularly, but my spankings go in cycles of frequent for a while, and then none for a couple of weeks. Cindy now accepts being spanked, but is very emotional and some are symbolic only.

We feel that spankings have helped solve problems, letting the love shine through, and thus increased our sex life. We have friends our age that have not had sex in many years.                                

spanking and sex

How has spanking changed your sex life

Spanking has NOT changed our sex life
spanking has DECREASED our sex life
spanking has INCREASED our sex life
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Dan said...

Spankings have not only helped our sex lives it has also helped change my behavior for the better.

Anonymous said...

In this family spanking has not only improved my behavior but increased our sexual activity. Spanking has also led to other sexual adventures that we both enjoy.

Anonymous said...

My behavior hasn't changed, I already was a good boy. But the spankings always lead to sex and Lindsay is happy to provide a good round on my gluteus maximus.


Joe said...

Ooooooh YEAH ;<)

Red said...

anon; glad the difference in type of spankings works for both of you
bottoms up