mature spankers

Knowing in advance, that writing about age and women is a very scary topic, I begin this post.

A site you might like to visit, with strong
mature (over 25... to save my bottom form a more severe spanking)

has it's secondary title as "Bad Moon Rising"

a rather apropos title for the content
I see a bad moon arising

I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightning

I see bad times today
To our delight, mature spankers spank very very well.
enjoy today
 bottoms up


  1. Mature women give spankings, they hold nothing back. Age has taught them, to give their all and I being a male who has been spanked by mature women can tell you they do insure you remember it.

  2. I agree with the above. I've only been spanked by my wife but now that we are retired and after many years of spanking me she has gotten much better at using all the implements we have so I'd say she is a beautiful mature woman.

    1. It's great that she has gained this skill and confidence with you. Not something she can necessarily brag about, but still probably good for her ego.


  3. Totally agree while young laps are hot, mature spankers are erotic and experienced.

  4. Mature women have nothing to lose, it is their time of life and some not all will enjoy it. A mature woman, a friend, she is in her late 50's, I'm mid 20's, sex is great, we have been open on desires, she mentioned spankings, I smiled and said nothing. It was a week later, spend the evening, she got up first, I walked into the kitchen naked, she smiled, being naughty this morning, I said yes, do you spank naughty little boys, she pulled a chair out and I went over her lap. It was more than I thought it would be, she was very good. I now find ways to get a spanking, and she also finds excuses to spank me. Sex life is wonderful, but some spankings she has me face the wall, I feel so little and afterwards sitting on her lap she will ease my pain and I so enjoy this part of our relationship.

  5. anon: very true
    archedone: agreed, Cindy spanks with far more confidence and effectiveness
    Matt: very true,good for the ego, and I wish Cindy would brag about her spanking ability.
    Ron; agreed, but I am certain young laps can become very experienced quickly
    anon: glad it works for both of you
    bottoms up

  6. Mature women are more open, they understand the desires of younger men, they also can just care less and enjoy this time of life. A woman I dated caught me once masturbating, looking at spanking magazines. She just smiled, should have told her and that was that. A month later at her place she told me to undress and be quick about it, I was shocked, I had to masturbate for her, in the front room on a towel, I felt foolish, she said don't rush and slowly I stroked and soon cum. Great she said, now over my lap and I did as told. The spanking was great, really hurt, and she insured I knew I was being spanked. Afterwards we talked about what had occurred and I just told her I loved her even more. We did end up in bed, only after we enjoyed ourselves in the kitchen.
    She said she knows what boys want, dream about and so the relationship grew tighter. She gave me baths, did somethings while I was driving, she was wonderful. But what I enjoyed mostly and she knew it, was the spankings, and masturbating. She and I stayed together a good three years and then she introduced me to the girl who would become my wife. Nothing was lost, my wife does spank, I do masturbate, and our sex life is out of this world. Marty

  7. Marty: glad things worked out for you and your wife.
    bottoms up


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