Captions for spanknig thoughts of the day

This is very true.....
 I know that if I am grumpy, a spanking solves the problem immediately
Well, at least every second or third day...and the terminology might be pouting for a woman, and grumpy for a man...

We never go three weeks without me being spanked, but if it has been a while, then this is a reasonable occurrence to expect.
and every spanking should be REAL!
but this has yet to be true
 thought for today
a unique way to play chess
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife will attest to the first picture. She puts up with little from me and once she is done "talking" I dance and then get to face the wall to display and to hope no one stops in. Joe

ronnie said...

Good ones Red. Thanks for the smile.


Joe said...

All very true Red, great post as always. Been a week since my last spanking hope to be like number 5 soon. Bottoms up

Fondles said...

I agree it DOES keep the pouting away. Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

Pix # 1 fully reflects the way I feel!