adventurous Tuesdays - men's nipples

At one time a year or two ago, I asked Cindy while making love to kiss my breasts and nipples.  Cindy found this strange, but did as I asked. I found it mildly nice, as  just about any part of your body can be treated affectionately while making love. Her hot breath, and warm lips and tongue, are VERY EROTIC.... and I AND MORE IMPORTANTLY CINDY HAS GROWN INTO REALLY LOVING THIS.
Cindy also playfully nibbles at times, which always gives me a jolt. Cindy will also be, sometimes, playing with my cock at the same time, and sometimes moves back and forth from nipples to cock and back again.
All wonderfully erotic in a leisurely build up to either fucking, or sucking to orgasm.
For the male to answer:
Has your partner ever played, kissed, sucked, nibbled your breasts?

For the female: 
Have YOU ever played, kissed, sucked, nibbled on your male partner's breasts?

A suggestion to everyone... show your partner your browser history...
and remember:
bottoms up


Domhnall the Second said...

I really enjoy it when my wife licks and sucks on my nipples and she enjoys my reactions.

Anonymous said...

Playing with my nipples is always the best way to turn me on, Red.

Best wishes,

Marco (from Lindsay)

Anonymous said...

The fastest way to get me rock hard is to work my nipples hard. I fall to my knees every time!

Njspank said...

Yes but not my thing.

Anonymous said...

Like you Red, nipple play has been part of our sex play for years. Robyn loves to suck, nibble, squeeze and pull my nipples and so do I. We also look at each other during this time she says she loves the look on my face when she uses her hands.

Red said...

For more than forty years of marriage we never did this, and now it is an exciting part of our love making... TRY IT, you both may like it.

Domhall: Cindy does all of that, but also enjoys my reaction when she playfully nibbles ( a lot)

Marco / Lindsay, Peter: enjoy
Ron; everyone has their own preferences, but thanks for replying
archedone: delightful
Joe: erotic foreplay is wonderful, specially when no chance for sex at the moment, but later is possible
bottoms up