6 principles of life

This is rather a very nice summary of ideas, so I thought I should share it with you


1. No point using limited life to chase unlimited money.   

 2. No point earning so much money you cannot live to spend it.   

3. Money is not yours until you spend it.    

4. When you are young, you use your health to chase your wealth; when you are old, you use your wealth to buy back your health.
                  Difference is that, it is too late.    

5. How happy a man is, 
is not how much he has but how little he needs. 

 6. No point working so hard to provide for the people you have no time to spend with.

Wish I had known and understood this earlier in life, but one cannot live a life of regret. I have done many good things in life, but everyone deep down has regrets..

Can I tie this in with consensual spanking? No, except if you have a desire to be spanked, then do share it with your partner... Do not live life regretting you never asked!
don't keep me waiting
bottoms up
and maybe another spanking later today

but, a word of warning


Fondles said...

i loved that last one about following the (m)asses!

Anonymous said...

Old saying......Too soon we get old.....Too late we get smart. You posted some good advise my friend. I'll have to mention that spanking part to Robyn been over a week for me.

Red said...

kdpierre: obviously not mine, but I thought it was worth posting.

Fred:as it should do.
Fondles: sometimes very, very true

archedone: hope the spanking has been given by now
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife has the principle that I was looking for, it is only one, but all that is needed. She wears the pants in the family and she lowers my pants when necessary and over her lap I go, oh and I dance for her afterwards, sorry that two. Mike

Njspank said...

Great post and that lady in the white bra and panty. Wow she is hot

Red said...

Mike: glad it works for both of you folks
Ron: glad you liked it
bottoms up