multiple vacation spankings

We were recently on a six day vacation, and I am in the process of catching up replying and thanking people for comments.

As per usual, on a long drive, we talk of many things, and a topic I always include is spanking. I took the opportunity to thank Cindy for spanking me whenever she thinks I should be spanked. I do things that on reflection, i should not have done, and a spanking helps re-enforce my thinking before acting or talking.

In addition, I complimented her on making the spankings more effective, by spanking with more energy and forcefulness, and by making any and every spanking a longer spanking. Cindy was quite pleased with my compliments. This time, I packed the Vermont Country (long since discontinued) wooden bath brush, which is another of Cindy's favorites.

The result: I was spanked on five of the six days, with a specific reason given in each instance.

Three spankings were of the nature:

bare your bottom, bend over at the waist, engage your abs: spank, spank, spank, .... for maybe ten or so strong wrist snapping spanks. (two of these spankings were before a long drive, where |Cindy wanted me to feel it while driving, but not to interfere with my driving)  but with the WOODEN BATH BRUSH, not her hand
The other two were over the knee, bare bottomed, and many many spanks.Cindy spanked my bottom, the top of the back of the legs, pushed my bottom up a little to give extra strong spanks at the line where bottom meets the top of the legs, pauses to lecture,
then many more hard spanks , some alternating, some  just staying on one cheek.
One of these two spankings almost had me beginning to tear, and I am certain I would have if she continued. That would be a first ever!

We have now reached a very good point, where if I blurt out something stupid, I know I will be significantly spanked for it

The vacation was amazing, seeing lots of friends for lunch and for dinner, so constantly busy. Amazing I got in so little trouble for so long a time with different people.

We made love also, but not after the spanking, but sometime later the same or next day...

Reasons to smile
I do the laundry, happily, but her socks go in a different drawer.
Great Advice
 and remember:

bottoms up


relationship tip for men

Men should heed this advice....
If you correct, inevitably she will prove you wrong.. and you will have to admit it...

and expect to be over her lap for quite some time
and always remember to smile afterwards, and thank her for the spanking
keep smiling

bottoms up


adventurous Tuesdays - men's nipples

At one time a year or two ago, I asked Cindy while making love to kiss my breasts and nipples.  Cindy found this strange, but did as I asked. I found it mildly nice, as  just about any part of your body can be treated affectionately while making love. Her hot breath, and warm lips and tongue, are VERY EROTIC.... and I AND MORE IMPORTANTLY CINDY HAS GROWN INTO REALLY LOVING THIS.
Cindy also playfully nibbles at times, which always gives me a jolt. Cindy will also be, sometimes, playing with my cock at the same time, and sometimes moves back and forth from nipples to cock and back again.
All wonderfully erotic in a leisurely build up to either fucking, or sucking to orgasm.
For the male to answer:
Has your partner ever played, kissed, sucked, nibbled your breasts?

For the female: 
Have YOU ever played, kissed, sucked, nibbled on your male partner's breasts?

A suggestion to everyone... show your partner your browser history...
and remember:
bottoms up


Some women like to be spanked

Some fun photos and captions
both necessary, and a pleasure (although not necessarily while each spank is happening

and, oh, many places to spank lightly or harder
Most of the above from the following tumblr
and remember  to always smile

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Age and a little weight gain

Thoughts for today...to make you smile
 even if it is cold outside
Really, our metabolism is different from when we were young, and a few extra pounds is never a reason to be unhappy, but always try to keep your weight sensible.
But if you ever mention the fact...
you will be significantly dancing on her lap

bottoms up


pegging thoughts

Many men love being pegged
and i am one of them
talking is part of the experience
and my answer is YES!!!!!
So, when you ask your partner to be more adventurous in the bedroom
 so don't be surprised if this is how she greets you
Being pegged is just another way of making love
so, relax and enjoy
after the first time, your wife will be surprised with herself, being able to say
and remember

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classic photo day

Many readers were searching out internet spanking photos, from the beginning when the Internet became mainstream...
these photos
 came from original spanking magazines

and many involved the cane
to strike fear , but also desire
Fun times
 thought for today

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