what do you see

Just wondering what your first thought was?
Today is just a post to hopefully give you a smile.
Actually, women who like being spanked say the above all the time
So ,no matter what the day brings
Fortunately, Cindy never complains of her jaw hurting, but if we have an argument
We have other ways of settling than arguing for three hours. .  a simple come here
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bottoms up


Anonymous said...

It cannot go without saying, Thank's, still looking for that woman to spank me. I so enjoy this blog, and hate to admit but many time I have masturbated to the articles and pictures. One day it will happen, but for now, Thank's. Stan

Dan said...

Never argue with a woman holding a hair brush. I learned my lesson the hard way.

kdpierre said...

These are great, Red! I shocked myself in having to deliberately try to NOT see a person just reading. They say the mind is the first thing to go..........in my case I guess my 'dirty mind' is already faltering?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to say after looking at so many spanking blogs I still don't have a dirty mind. What I seen in the picture is a woman on her knees with her head on his lap doing what all men love. The book pages are her hair.

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the giggles, Red ad yes, I have a very dirty mind as I didn't see a person reading in the first picture until I read the text and looked at the picture again. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

Stan: better to find a woman to love... spanking is a far distant second in life.

Dan: arguing when it has been determined you will be spanked only makes the spanker more determined

kdpierre: I am shocked... you definitely need a spanking to get back on track

archedone: and what you see is how it should be

Cat: Glad to know your thought processes are working in a wonderful direction. May it be an inspiration for someday soon

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

That last photo does not look comfortable for either of them. No support. Well, you do what you have to do to be naked over a woman's lap. ;)

Red said...

anon: very true