welcome home spanking

Having adjusted to the time change after flying home, things are slowly coming back to normal.

I do certain jobs that I enjoy doing, so I am mostly through all the laundry. I have been doing the laundry longer than being spanked, as Cindy would throw a lot of things in, whereas I prefer to separate items and take great care in having things last. Cindy does the ironing, but we have almost no ironing ever being needed.

Cindy cleaned and washed out the fridge, and i do the grocery shopping. i enjoy picking what is ripe, and looks good, whereas Cindy just grabs and runs out of a grocery store. Yes, I enjoy browsing in Costco, whereas Cindy is overwhelmed by the crowds.

Three days after, I was working on my blog, when Cindy called me to come upstairs. Those words are always ominous. Upon arrival, Cindy looked beautiful in lingerie only, but stated we have a few things to deal with first.

Cindy had me retrieve the wooden bath brush, her shoes, and asked me to pull the chair out. I pulled the chair out, and Cindy promptly sat down. Now the bath brush, which i retrieved. Her leather high heel  shoes were next. She only wears these for spanking me.

I kissed her toes, and then put the shoe on, while Cindy amused herself by slapping the bath brush against her hand.

Bare your bottom!  This was done quickly.
Now Cindy patted her lap, with a grin from ear to ear, meaning bend over NOW!!!
The spanking was long and effective, with a few pauses for Cindy to rest her arm, and give some reasons why i needed this spanking.  The reason is that she said I was too tense and uptight during our getting to the airport, etc... until we were home... (I would say it was the opposite, but not while over her knee)
Afterwards, the love making was phenomenal, and breathtaking. Our sex now is far better than when we were first married. we enjoy each other, and slowly build the passion, with a s pankng that revs the engines to start...

Aside: the mention of being spanked had my erection standing tall and proud... and it revived wonderfully after the spanking.

enjoy life: be spanked
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bottoms up


Anonymous said...

The last picture, that is truly a spanking properly given. Been in that situation several times. As for erection, sometimes I maintain it, but facing the wall afterwards with a very warm and stinging bottom and erect is no fun at all.

Anonymous said...

If ever a spanking has been properly shown, the last is such. My spankings are always otk, she places the chair in the middle of the room. She points out my bare bottom is in better position and stretch more to feel the sting of the brush. That is only the beginning, it is facing the wall, displaying my very red bottom for her to enjoy. Time varies, depends on what prompted the spanking. There is no sex, but since she has started spanking me, she even admits our sex life has improved.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall the last time a chair was used to spank me OTK. The last picture I've been there many times. Most of my spanking is on the bed over a rolled up blanket or bent over the side of the bed or sofa arm. R says she can get a better swing that way. I felt there was going to be a welcome home spanking for you just didn't know why.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, buddy. I hope your vacation to Europe was worth the trip. And spankings are always a good opening for sex.

Best wishes,

Marco & Lindsay

Red said...

anon: Audrey gives real spankings. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your partner

Anon: spanking and sex are related between consenting adults. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your partner

archedone: the position shown by Audrey allows for maximum effect. She would not have to worry if my arms and shoulders are okay, and my back would be supported. The spanking only needed our adapting to the time change.

Marco and Lindsay: vacation was great..Keukenhof Gardens of millions of tulips in bloom was out of this world amazing. Spankings and sex are very common, but sometimes only a spanking.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I think I am overdue for a spanking had an attack of the blues after a migraine. I need a thorough spanking from my missus.

Happy Spankings


Red said...

Yorkie: Best to simply go and ask to be spanked. Your missus will most certainly agree. Cindy always does,a s she knows the need in me to be spanked at times, and all the benefits a spanking brings to us as a couple, and for me as an individual.
bottoms up