Tawse spanking for Cindy while cruising

When you travel for a month, sometimes you get a little over-tired, even though you are having a fun filled time. The reasons why a spanking may be given  are many.

The advantage of a spanking is that it is a problem that is being solved. The spankee knows that they have done something that is necessitating the spanking. After the spanking, the problem is forgotten, but the sore bottom is a reminder to not do that specific thing again.

Cindy did something that even she realized deserved a spanking. I stated that it would be ten with the short tawse, something she has never felt before. She immediately said no, use the bath brush, I responded that I decide, and she again stated please use the bath brush. My response was that the spankee does not choose the implement, but behaves in a manner that necessitates a spanking.

Bare bottom, over my knee, and the upper body supported by the bed, I stated her spanking.This was in our cabin on-board the ship, so the  television was on, loudly.

Each spank was given slowly for the first five, and Cindy bounced and reacted with each spank. The advantage of a tawse is that you feel every spank like a burning sting, and you cannot be stoic while it is applied. However, it does not bruise, but leaves an after-burn sting for quite sometime.

No more, please, was responded with but you know what you did was wrong! Yes!

Like any spanking implement, one can become accustomed to it's impact and sting/pain, but this was Cindy's first experience receiving a spanking with it. I well remember that for the first ten times or more, my feet would start dancing by the second spank, and still do after a half dozen.
The position, but Cindy's bottom was not this red
Cindy's feet were dancing at each spank, as were the owws, and now trying to move her bottom out of harm's way. Three fast spanks had her moving such that I had to put an arm around her waist to keep her on my lap. When she calmed, i stated last two and delivered them quickly and effectively as she really gyrated her bottom, and almost was off my lap before the last spank.
(this is not Cindy, nor did she lie on the bed with the tawse afterwards, but it is still a nice thought).
Done, and I permitted Cindy to rise, and she immediately grabbed her sore bottom.Slowly, she thanked me for the spanking, and i responded with  you are welcome,but best not let that happen such that another spanking was needed.

The spanking was CONSENSUAL, but not anything Cindy expected.

I was re-acquainted with receiving it's caress a few times over the next few days.Something annoyed cindy, and it was six or ten quick strong swats with it on my bent over bare bottom.

Do spankings work? Absolutely!!! We made passionate love later, with Cindy complaining a little that her bottom was still sore.
One other point: I have spanked Cindy for the stress and nonsense about packing and traveling, but she got uptight when we were going to leave the ship the next day, and did not follow my advice on packing. My first advice is let me do it all! I suggested that one suitcase now hold all the things we did not need, and the second all the things we would use after the cruise.

Cindy packed all her things in one suitcase. Result, when renting a car, and driving to our airbnb place, we had to carry two heavy suitcases up to the attic apartment. There Cindy admitted her mistake, and apologized. I reminded her that she was once spanked for this, but will get a pass on a spanking only this last time. We relocated the clothes, and were able to put one suitcase back in the car a couple of days later, full of purchases and wrong weather clothes that we would not re-open until home. When we moved to a second city, it was easy to only carry up one suitcase.
when packing to leave for home, I did the packing, and Cindy sat and relaxed. We had all the clothes needed in the carry-on for a one night stay in a hotel near the airport, and everything went smoothly.
So many years together with anxiety and arguments about packing, have now all be solved by one spanking.

bottoms up


ronnie said...

The tawse is truly evil. Do you always take the bath brush when travelling?


Fondles said...

The tawse sounds awful. I'm glad we don't have one :)

Anonymous said...

We don't have a tawse but would like to get one so Robyn (R) can use it on me. It's about time Cindy felt the tawse on her pert bottom. Maybe now she will listen. As an avid follower of your column I'd like to make an observation. When Cindy feels you need spanking you follow her order without exception. However when Cindy is due a spanking she seems to fuss a lot and try to get out of it. I would suggest a new rule. If a spanking is called for and either fusses about it another spanking is giving the next day for fussing. Just my thoughts.

Red said...

Ronnie: yes, I normally pack it now, because it is much more effective with a lesser amount of spanks. Cindy can wield it OTK or my standing, bent over at the waist, and less likelihood of being overheard. We make certain that the tv is on, to shield the noise, and that Cindy lectures, so anyone hearing will not think the woman is being abused. A double standard in society, but a fair compromise in that Cindy would be embarrassed if people knew she spanked me. .
On our cruise, table mates for dinner (table for eight)were in the NEXT DOOR CABIN!!!!!!! YIKES!!!

Fondles: best to purchase a short one, as it is very effective instantly, and thus if only time for a short spanking, it can be just a dozen spanks, and VERY EFFECTIVE.

archedone: Good thoughts, but I consider myself lucky to have her consensual approval to spank her. today's post shows I have spanked her many times, and although most times she will fuss, if a spanking is needed, she accepts it. An on the very odd occasion, she has asked me to spank her. the rue suggested should apply to me, however.

bottoms up