pick your poison

A few pictures of spanking implements.... that you might see displayed when you come home, knowing you are going to be spanked
You might try to talk her out of spanking you, but her reply is obvious
and then you look at the chair
Each has it's own special feel
and do not expect any sympathy
Wood is always  effective
The kitchen holds many treasures
 We have the SOUP STIRRER (second from the left in the picture below.. it hurts big time, and is VERY EFFECTIVE
Shall we begin

 bottoms up
 and remember to smile


  1. So many times I'm told to get the implements out for her. But when I see she has already laid them out I know I'm in for a harder spanking and she is very upset. Wooden spoons we have the second one from the right and it's very effective.

  2. Fondles: glad you like it
    archedone: if she gets the implement,it brings the idea of running to mind... better not run, or it will be worse
    bottoms up

  3. J. usually selects the "tools" she plans to use (and will display them before the "session" actually begins - but, at times, I am instructed to fetch them _after_ I have already been ordered to lower my pants to my ankles, which hobbles my stride as I proceed to follow her instructions...


  4. I love my wooden implements. And, I must admit, the second to last photo has my attention. To be spanked by Miss Kailee Robinson would be a wonderful experience.
    Welcome back Red


  5. L: not only follow instructions, but be quick about it also

    Yorkie: more fun to spank her
    bottoms up


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