Home Again

Another  wonderful vacation, with lots of exciting places we visited, and quite a few spankings while away. Being away for a month, spankings will and did occur.. Even Cindy was spanked.

It will take a while for me to catch up with comments, and with having time to generate some posts

My spankings consisted mostly of being told to:
Bare your bottom,
bend over the chair,
are your arms okay?
Hold your stomach muscles in to support your back....
then twenty sharp hard smacks with the wooden bath brush that I had brought for the one month vacation.
Simple, fast, efficient, and VERY, Very EFFECTIVE.
Each time their would be a gray spot on each cheek, in the middle of the red... Most times I was permitted to put the tv on, so sound would not carry too far.However, on a cruise ship,anyone walking by the door has a good chance to hear the spanking, and Cindy's voice adding a reason why the spanking is being given, so that it is clear that the woman is doing the spanking.

Occasional use was made of the long tawse, and only once the short tawse. Always travel with enough implements when traveling for a long time.
and always remember to thank your partner for your spanking.
and smile
bottoms up


vanessachaland said...

Love the top photo. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Red and Cindy you were both missed. I'm glad Cindy didn't neglect your bottom and I'm sure you were more than happy to present her with a good target for spanking. We have never been on a ship but from what I hear sounds do carry on them. I'm sure any ladies walking by had a smile knowing you were getting spanked. Just as I'm sure when we travel and stay in hotels those there can hear me getting my bottom tended to. Hope you get a good home coming spanking.

Red said...

vanessa: glad you liked it
archedone: yes, sound carries... oh well, and yes on the latter item also
bottoms up