cunning thoughts

a cute video to watch
the short video (hope the video appears... it does not in preview)
Become a cunning linguist
One thing I have learned from Cosmopolitan magazine emails is to lick the letters of the alphabet and the letters backwards over Cindy's clit and pussy...
It gets reactions like this gif, and massive orgasms.
This is a delightful switch of the photos of men holding a woman's head while she is sucking his cock

and then a little spanking for today

never underestimate a cunning man...
bottoms up


Cat said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely and hot pics, Red! Really like the second quote. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I treat giving R oral sex like a fine wine. You don't gulp it down. Very slow sips savoring the taste. By taking my time the wine (R) comes alive. This is one race where slow and easy always wins.

Njspank said...

I live giving oral after being spanked. So does my lap

Red said...

Cat: It takes a while to learn, and it is useful to read different articles to give advice on how, for both men and women increasing their oral skills.

archedone: absolutely agree

Ron: I love it also, but Cindy decides if sex follows a spanking.

bottoms up