Cindy's spanked menu to look at

I was quite shocked when I happened to look at my blog, and see the number of entries besides Cindy spanked. Cindy spanked is a label, and although I occasionally spank Cindy, I do not always record it.
My spankings might be seven to ten times as frequent as Cindy's, but in my mind they are more like twenty or thirty to one. I do not record little spankings of five or ten spanks with a food stirrer by Cindy on my bare bottom in the kitchen, but I CERTAINLY DO FEEL THEIR EFFECTIVENESS!

However, so many spankings of Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found to be quite astonishing.

We are a much more consensual spanking couple than I ever imagined.

Her spankings are never as strong as mine, as she feels every spank much more than I do. (So maybe her spankings are strong, relatively speaking).

My astonishment is real, as you will see how I called many of the posts "Cindy Spanked". I did not believe these were so frequent... (once a month on average)> I WILL NOW USE MORE IMAGINATIVE TITLES, AS EVERY ENTRY TITLED "CINDY SPANKED" IS A DIFFERENT SPANKING.

Also, please remember our spankings never BRUISE, NEVER BLOOD, never bring the recipient to tears, and are not dangerous in any way. they are simply a spanking! They bring to the miscreant (what a lovely word) the awareness that they have made a serious mistake, that it has been atoned for, and that the item is now forgotten (except if it re-occurs almost immediately).

Cindy has forgotten the tawse on the cruise ship, and we have both forgotten what the reason was. (Did I dream it after receiving a spanking????)

So, I will have to be creative to have new names for posts involving Cindy being spanked.

Please also remember that no pictures of Cindy are on this blog whatsoever.

and when Cindy sees this post, or my blog, it will have her spanking me...
bottoms up


Dan said...

You mention that your spankings are just a spanking and doesn't produce tears. My spankings do produce tears but not so much from the spanking itself. I start to tear up and cry sometimes while being spanked because I know I disappointed my wife by something I did and I feel bad about it and it make me tear up and cry at times. I don't like my wife to be disappointed in me.

Anonymous said...

This post really hit home for me. A spanking IS meant to correct a problem. If a spanking is dangerous you boarder on abuse. In all the time Robyn has spanked me only once did she draw a spot of blood and that was caused by using the bristles on a brush. That was an accident and never repeated. One also has to know the limits of the one being spanked as Red does with Cindy. I feel tears are an emotional outlet for feelings. I also have never cried during spanking.

Red said...

Dan; Cindy does this sometime, having tears beofre her bottom is bared, and the spanking is very gentle but symbolic.

archedone:tears are an emotional outlet. We are very identical in your and my spankings
bottoms up