between the knees

Has this ever happened to you?
where you are either standing like the above bent over
or on your knees

between your partners knees being spanked
This would support my back, so I imagine it is possible
Personally, my back would have a problem with some of these positions.
fun times
vintage art

Punctuation saves lives
bottoms up


Simon said...

I have occasionally been punished in this fashion and enjoyed it immensely. The sensation is different to a strapping or caning in the usual way because the blows are landing at 90 degrees to those normally experienced.Also with a cane there is the possibility that a stroke will go between the cheeks and strike a very sensitive area,

Joe said...

Very interesting positions, have not tried any yet. Will ask T.

Glenmore said...

I had never heard of this position before until it was suggested by a Russian friend. She told me it was common over there as it added to the spankèe ' s humiliation and was very efficient for the spanker.
I have to admit it was one of the most enjoyable spankings I have ever administered!

Anonymous said...

I've been in a version of the 5th picture but she is straddling my back. Cheeks are tight and the spanking really hurts. Also she would only use the paddle and wooden spoon so she would not hit anything she didn't want to hit.

Fondles said...

Goah i cant say that this is a position im familiar with. Thanks for the lesson!!

Anonymous said...

OMG Red, the 6th from the top the lady who is administering the spanking is really got the attention of her man. My bottom hurts just looking at him.

Anonymous said...

Always love picture #8. It's a great visual - You know what the spankee is getting and you know what the spanker will get later too.


Red said...

simon: sounds frightening with a cane between the cheeks. Hopefully lightly, very lightly

Joe: have fun and share your opinions afterwards

The glenmore: did the spankee also enjoy it?

archedone: the paddle must really be effective...

Fondles: when you experiment, share your feelings afterwards please..

anon: that is one EFFECTIVE spanking

MATT: a very enjoyable sequence of events
bottoms up