Bad Timing for my being spanked

I found this in my drafts, and have no idea why I never posted it. ..  This happened over a year ago, and we now have a much more manageable way of keeping tasks to a  minimum, and enjoying life...
Can you relate a similar experience....

Spankings are always effective, but sometimes the reason connected with the time of day can be unfortunate. Such was our case last night.

Cindy decided to take a bath at 11:00PM (2300), and then put on very sexy lingerie. When I came upstairs, Cindy was looking alluring to say the least, actually extremely fabulous!

Cindy, however, stated that she intended to spank me before making love. Pondering out loud what implement to use, she determined that it had been a very long time since she has used the infamous 'heavy Bath Brush'.

Suffice to say I was bare bottom up, over Cindy's knee. Cindy stated that the lecture would be short! The lecture involved one thing that has not been done for a long time of her asking it be accomplished.

The spanking was not, however, a short one. Cindy visited all portions of my bottom and the back of my legs, numerous times, before pausing. My bottom was on fire, and extremely sore.

Cindy ruminated about how well balanced this implement is! It is so easy to hold and manipulate, and that she was quite enjoying herself. I looked back to see a big smile on her face. She looked at me and stated that "we are not finished yet, I am just resting and enjoying myself". She might have stated something to the effect that "you say I should enjoy myself"!

The spanking began again, and continued for many spanks. Cindy would spank on one spot until I was verbally owwing! Cindy would then move to another spot to spank repetitively that one spot until once again I was owwing and dancing!

The spanking finally ended with a flourish! Cindy once again remarked how wonderful this bath brush is. I can imagine it will be taking a place of prominence for a significant amount of time in the future.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking. We kissed, hugged, fondled and caressed. Cindy playfully asked how my bottom was, and I replied that it was sore and on fire. She grabbed my bottom with her hands, and squeezed a few times. Part of our love making had Cindy on top, so that she could grind my bottom into the bed. The love making was fantastic.

Later, however, while trying to go to sleep, my mind would not rest. My mind was being reminded by my sore and hot bottom of not only the one reason Cindy had spanked me for, but a non-ending list of things that we have not been able to do due to reasons beyond our control. My mind also keeps remembering that when we accomplish one task, instead of being happy, Cindy complains about all the other things not yet done. We need to focus on the positive, and keep happiness as the goal. Most people benefit from this approach. We are working on trying to lower both of our anxiety levels, and putting more fun into life. However, it is a tough road to travel occasionally.

At about 12:30Am, I got up and started making a list of all the things that we ( I mostly) need to do, and I didn't stop until I had listed 30 different things that need attention. Some are extremely large, that we can do together, like cleaning the house. Some individual items had many different parts, and thus the list is extremely daunting.