and now they bare you

Yesterday, the ladies were waiting for you, and now they are getting a Birdseye view
possibly staring for a while
and enjoying the view unimpeded of your quite possibly limp cock

one can just imagine the comments
Maybe, stating, not so cocky now that you are about to be spanked
Don't be frightened, you have no escape from your punishment
maybe you might even be lectured, while naked, before your spanking
or maybe she just wants to see your naked bottom, before spanking it
However, she might actually prod you forwards
so that you can apologize to her friends for your bad BEHAVIOR before you are spanked
Yikes, your friend who was equally involved so they will be equally spanked
 where there three of you??
bottoms up
Much cuter photo than six men bent over


Njspank said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

I prefer it when she tells me to take down my trousers and panties...I hate it when she does it! So humiliating!

Baxter said...

can imagine those women humiliating the guys by talking about their small penises. Like the last picture and being able to choose which bottom to spank.

Red said...

ron : you are welcome
anon; you should never have the choice
Baxter; possible I am certain.. it would be delightful walking back and forth spanking those bottoms
bottoms up