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Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour
Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes
Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together
Why is the person who invests your money called a broker
and you will be spanked outdoors
and/or indoors
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women being spanked tumblrs

If you are a fan of pictures of women being spanked, today's post is for you
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How to ask for a spanking

Some days, you just have the desire and the need to be spanked!!!! You might try this approach! Why not simply say:
your partner's enthusiastic response
might be more than you  desired
you might even volunteer to stand in the corner
enjoy your spankings

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Cindy's spanked menu to look at

I was quite shocked when I happened to look at my blog, and see the number of entries besides Cindy spanked. Cindy spanked is a label, and although I occasionally spank Cindy, I do not always record it.
My spankings might be seven to ten times as frequent as Cindy's, but in my mind they are more like twenty or thirty to one. I do not record little spankings of five or ten spanks with a food stirrer by Cindy on my bare bottom in the kitchen, but I CERTAINLY DO FEEL THEIR EFFECTIVENESS!

However, so many spankings of Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found to be quite astonishing.

We are a much more consensual spanking couple than I ever imagined.

Her spankings are never as strong as mine, as she feels every spank much more than I do. (So maybe her spankings are strong, relatively speaking).

My astonishment is real, as you will see how I called many of the posts "Cindy Spanked". I did not believe these were so frequent... (once a month on average)> I WILL NOW USE MORE IMAGINATIVE TITLES, AS EVERY ENTRY TITLED "CINDY SPANKED" IS A DIFFERENT SPANKING.

Also, please remember our spankings never BRUISE, NEVER BLOOD, never bring the recipient to tears, and are not dangerous in any way. they are simply a spanking! They bring to the miscreant (what a lovely word) the awareness that they have made a serious mistake, that it has been atoned for, and that the item is now forgotten (except if it re-occurs almost immediately).

Cindy has forgotten the tawse on the cruise ship, and we have both forgotten what the reason was. (Did I dream it after receiving a spanking????)

So, I will have to be creative to have new names for posts involving Cindy being spanked.

Please also remember that no pictures of Cindy are on this blog whatsoever.

and when Cindy sees this post, or my blog, it will have her spanking me...
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Tawse spanking for Cindy while cruising

When you travel for a month, sometimes you get a little over-tired, even though you are having a fun filled time. The reasons why a spanking may be given  are many.

The advantage of a spanking is that it is a problem that is being solved. The spankee knows that they have done something that is necessitating the spanking. After the spanking, the problem is forgotten, but the sore bottom is a reminder to not do that specific thing again.

Cindy did something that even she realized deserved a spanking. I stated that it would be ten with the short tawse, something she has never felt before. She immediately said no, use the bath brush, I responded that I decide, and she again stated please use the bath brush. My response was that the spankee does not choose the implement, but behaves in a manner that necessitates a spanking.

Bare bottom, over my knee, and the upper body supported by the bed, I stated her spanking.This was in our cabin on-board the ship, so the  television was on, loudly.

Each spank was given slowly for the first five, and Cindy bounced and reacted with each spank. The advantage of a tawse is that you feel every spank like a burning sting, and you cannot be stoic while it is applied. However, it does not bruise, but leaves an after-burn sting for quite sometime.

No more, please, was responded with but you know what you did was wrong! Yes!

Like any spanking implement, one can become accustomed to it's impact and sting/pain, but this was Cindy's first experience receiving a spanking with it. I well remember that for the first ten times or more, my feet would start dancing by the second spank, and still do after a half dozen.
The position, but Cindy's bottom was not this red
Cindy's feet were dancing at each spank, as were the owws, and now trying to move her bottom out of harm's way. Three fast spanks had her moving such that I had to put an arm around her waist to keep her on my lap. When she calmed, i stated last two and delivered them quickly and effectively as she really gyrated her bottom, and almost was off my lap before the last spank.
(this is not Cindy, nor did she lie on the bed with the tawse afterwards, but it is still a nice thought).
Done, and I permitted Cindy to rise, and she immediately grabbed her sore bottom.Slowly, she thanked me for the spanking, and i responded with  you are welcome,but best not let that happen such that another spanking was needed.

The spanking was CONSENSUAL, but not anything Cindy expected.

I was re-acquainted with receiving it's caress a few times over the next few days.Something annoyed cindy, and it was six or ten quick strong swats with it on my bent over bare bottom.

Do spankings work? Absolutely!!! We made passionate love later, with Cindy complaining a little that her bottom was still sore.
One other point: I have spanked Cindy for the stress and nonsense about packing and traveling, but she got uptight when we were going to leave the ship the next day, and did not follow my advice on packing. My first advice is let me do it all! I suggested that one suitcase now hold all the things we did not need, and the second all the things we would use after the cruise.

Cindy packed all her things in one suitcase. Result, when renting a car, and driving to our airbnb place, we had to carry two heavy suitcases up to the attic apartment. There Cindy admitted her mistake, and apologized. I reminded her that she was once spanked for this, but will get a pass on a spanking only this last time. We relocated the clothes, and were able to put one suitcase back in the car a couple of days later, full of purchases and wrong weather clothes that we would not re-open until home. When we moved to a second city, it was easy to only carry up one suitcase.
when packing to leave for home, I did the packing, and Cindy sat and relaxed. We had all the clothes needed in the carry-on for a one night stay in a hotel near the airport, and everything went smoothly.
So many years together with anxiety and arguments about packing, have now all be solved by one spanking.

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between the knees

Has this ever happened to you?
where you are either standing like the above bent over
or on your knees

between your partners knees being spanked
This would support my back, so I imagine it is possible
Personally, my back would have a problem with some of these positions.
fun times
vintage art

Punctuation saves lives
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welcome home spanking

Having adjusted to the time change after flying home, things are slowly coming back to normal.

I do certain jobs that I enjoy doing, so I am mostly through all the laundry. I have been doing the laundry longer than being spanked, as Cindy would throw a lot of things in, whereas I prefer to separate items and take great care in having things last. Cindy does the ironing, but we have almost no ironing ever being needed.

Cindy cleaned and washed out the fridge, and i do the grocery shopping. i enjoy picking what is ripe, and looks good, whereas Cindy just grabs and runs out of a grocery store. Yes, I enjoy browsing in Costco, whereas Cindy is overwhelmed by the crowds.

Three days after, I was working on my blog, when Cindy called me to come upstairs. Those words are always ominous. Upon arrival, Cindy looked beautiful in lingerie only, but stated we have a few things to deal with first.

Cindy had me retrieve the wooden bath brush, her shoes, and asked me to pull the chair out. I pulled the chair out, and Cindy promptly sat down. Now the bath brush, which i retrieved. Her leather high heel  shoes were next. She only wears these for spanking me.

I kissed her toes, and then put the shoe on, while Cindy amused herself by slapping the bath brush against her hand.

Bare your bottom!  This was done quickly.
Now Cindy patted her lap, with a grin from ear to ear, meaning bend over NOW!!!
The spanking was long and effective, with a few pauses for Cindy to rest her arm, and give some reasons why i needed this spanking.  The reason is that she said I was too tense and uptight during our getting to the airport, etc... until we were home... (I would say it was the opposite, but not while over her knee)
Afterwards, the love making was phenomenal, and breathtaking. Our sex now is far better than when we were first married. we enjoy each other, and slowly build the passion, with a s pankng that revs the engines to start...

Aside: the mention of being spanked had my erection standing tall and proud... and it revived wonderfully after the spanking.

enjoy life: be spanked
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