you asked her to spank you

You asked for her to spank you...
she is now ready to find more effective methods
 and now she is looking for tips
now,as your bottom contracts and tries to be smaller

you worry when she starts taking the initiative
She now has the determined look when about to spank you
and you try to smile and show  a carefree demeanor
but you now know she is in charge
 Best advice I can give you
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Laying in bed afterwards, having known one another a couple of weeks, she asked if I had any desires, I looked at her and asked why. I said I dream of being spanked, and you I said, she smiled, not really. A couple of weeks later she gave me a funny look, remember you mentioned spankings, I said yes, well your getting one. I stood and said nothing, then smiled, your joking, try me, and so pulled my pants and underpants down and over her lap I went. She was very good, I was feeling it, and when done, she asked how was it, I admitted I enjoyed it. Good she said, because you best get use to it. I have and know the difference from her being serious and foreplay.

Baxter said...

the fifth picture from the top is familiar to me. When we travel to Europe, I wear a leather belt on my jeans at my wife's request so she has something handy to spank me with. A paddle or wooden spoon in the luggage might attract unwanted attention.

Njspank said...

Great post

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing. always best to express your desires to your partner

Baxter: when traveling, I put spanking implements in the checked luggage, without ever having a problem. Be brave and try it sometime.

Ron: you are welcome
bottoms up