The Glenmore

I have no idea why i have not referred to this blog before, ans it is a wonderful spanking ART blog.

Many readers are aware of this great blog, and also his google site.
which you reach if you click on his personal information link on his blog.

Glenmore has both f/m stories (my favorite) and also m/f stories, with suitable artistic drawings to accompany the story.
Go visit his site

bottoms up


Baxter said...

the glenmore stories are always enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder Red. I've read glenmore often and lost track of it. He does put out a fun blog. And I loved the first story. Anyone for a auction LOL.

ronnie said...

I really do like Glenmore's work.


Cat said...

Thanks for sharing...had somehow missed Glenmore.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

The Glenmore said...

Thanks for the mention Red. I'm pleased that you and other fellow spankos enjoy the stories and art on my blog.
Please feel free to stop by and leave a comment if you enjoy something.
You are welcome to use any of my art or other material on your site.

Joe said...

Thanks for showing me this blog.

Red said...

baxter: very true
archedone: it is always a fun and entertaining site to visit
ronnie: as do I, and many others
Cat, Joe : happy to steer you in a good direction
The Glenmore: the goal is to get people to show their appreciation via a comment. Thanks for permission, and I will always try to put a link.
bottoms up