Submissive Saturdays

Just some fun photos I found around the internet... You can make up your own story line

yes Ma'am

Might your future be... 

or innovative
However, you might find this equally delightful
and even more delightful that your partner is now only in bra and panties
Who might like this scenario of being spanked in front of a room of women and men....

Afterwards, your partner will need a rest, so be certain to help out
 remember to smile

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Jack, Thankful it is not every Saturday, but a couple of years ago she decided it would be a day of reckoning on Saturday. I don't when that Saturday will be or how it will be. A lot of the times it is when I finish breakfast, brush my teeth, that when I come back to the kitchen or front room, I'm told I will be spanked. She a lot of the times pulls down my pants and underpants, tells me what I have done wrong and then I stand, wait, until she decides when the spanking will occur. If I have really been out of line, when done with breakfast, told to quickly brush my teeth, get back to the front room and be naked, I know it will be a very sore bottom. She always spanks over her lap, always with a hairbrush, and never know how long it will last. When naked, I have to masturbate, she wants the spanking to really hurt. She hands me a towel with I'm about to cum. So this is my Saturday.

Cat said...

Cute giggles, Red...the Scots one is my favorite. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

Jack: thanks for sharing

Cat: glad you liked them
bottoms up