spanked three times in one day

Well, this has never happened before, but two spankings in one day has happened.

It has been a while since I had been spanked so Cindy over breakfast stated that she was both going to spank me and then we would make love before lunch. Sounds delightful I chimed.

#1:Around noon, Cindy requested my presence in the bedroom, and promptly sat in the spanking chair. I was informed it would be a shorter spanking, and then we would make love. I retrieved Cindy's high heel shoes, and also the wooden Ms. Hurley (thanks Danielle and John), as we are about to be off on another vacation, going to Europe.

The spanking had Ms. Hurley being extremely effective, as both the long arm and the paddle at the end were contacting across my bottom. Normally, it was just the paddle part, but Cindy must be thinking how to make each implement more effective. (OOPS!!)  Many, many spanks were given, with two pauses as an explanation of what I should be working on to improve was given during each pause, and then the spanking began afresh, with a rested Cindy.

Cindy decided that was enough, and stated this was only a small spanking,as we were now going to make love. (Wow, our definitions of a small spanking certainly are quite a difference apart.) I thanked her for the spanking, and the love making was fantastic. Cindy wore her high heel leather shoes throughout, adding an eroticism, and a reminder of the spanking. ( no real reminder was needed, as my bottom was certainly reminding me of the spanking)

#2:We went out for lunch, but sometime shortly after coming home, Cindy became upset with something I did in the kitchen, and in no uncertain terms told me to bare my bottom and bend over???  Many rapid HARD spanks with the wooden food stirrer, as my error was explained. Cindy paused, and as I started to stand up, she stated: stay bent over, I am NOT finished!  Many more hard spanks, some a lot higher on my bottom, some a lot lower at the crack and top of the legs, while she stated "so you thought I was finished, Yes, well, I will tell you when I am finished". By now, I was owwing and shifting weight on my feet, and raising up on my toes, and definitely squirming.
After another burst of spanks, she stated:" now i am finished"  I thanked Cindy immediately for the spanking.

We were having guests for dinner, and Cindy was somewhat flustered and anxious. This is somewhat unusual, but she does tend to worry needlessly, and my carefree attitude is not welcome. It got a little testy in the bedroom while we were getting ready, and I reluctantly suggested she could spank me to relieve her tension. I don't have time, was the response, not as I sort of hoped, no, you have been spanked enough today.

Mildly, I suggested you could use the long tawse and it would be over quickly,a nd hopefully you will feel better. She agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy delivered the first spank while I was standing, as I thought she would spank the fat part of my bottom! WRONG! The spank struck high on my buttocks, and I verbalized a loud ARGH! The second landed almost immediately in the same place, and now it was ARRRGGGHHH!. The third was almost instantaneously applied harder than the last two, in the same place, and my AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! had me flopping forward at the bed, with my hands stopping me partway. Only then did Cindy even realize how hard the spanks had been.  Those were the three hardest spanks I have ever received, as there is no fat on that part of my bottom.
Cindy stated just a few more, i rose, but immediately bent over at the waist so the fatty part of my bottom was the target, and a few more significant spanks were given. i thanked Cindy, and beat a hsty retreat form the bedroom.

Basically, Cindy is stressed about the vacation, but much better today. My bottom is still very sore.

As she has stated many times, beware what you wish for, you just might get it.
Happy spankings
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Guests on the way and poor Red will have a hard time sitting on a bottom that was well attended to by Cindy. Since the Christmas spankings she has become more active in attending to Red's bottom much to Red's delight and her's. Hope you have a great time in Europe and be careful where you go there are nut cases over there that don't care who they kill. Hope there are many happing spankings taking place.

juliesp said...

Poor Baby.
That strapping will teach you to bend over and offer up your cheeks properly the first time!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does happen... and it certainly has happened to me (especially over the weekend when J. keeps a sharp watch over the way I am doing my chores!)


Dan said...

I feel for you. I also hate those multiple spankings in a day. I had 5 in a day once and after that I tried very hard to avoid them.

Joe said...

Sounds like a memorable day, not to be repeated too often.

Anonymous said...

Red, you lucky man!

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

L. can go for several days without needing to be spanked, but it's true that he usually gets more "attention" on weekends (with the wooden spoon, the martinet, or a maple birch) while being instructed about his chores or while (mis)performing them...


Red said...

archedone; thanks for the kind wishes, and I did feel my bottom while entertaining. Cindy has already promised a friend that she will make certain I am well behaved.
juliesp; so VERY TRUE
L: everyday is a weekend at our house, so iit is likely any day..
J: more chores, more chances to make a mistake
Dan: very, very hard to avoid them
Joe: I will remember, and try to avoid re-occurrences
Marco: yes, but also no
bottoms up