spanked bottoms

Certainly wish some of the female spanking enthusiasts, who are spanked, would post a photo of them-self after she been spanked...
A corner time photo would be fabulous
 no furniture, as that way you might be identifiable by family, but then again, why are they looking at spanking blogs

well, it is a pleasant fantasy
Well, maybe just the before picture
  and then the after photo
and then the true fantasy.. .a spanking party
bottoms up


Baxter said...

very nice pictures.

Cat said...

Made sure years ago that there's not an empty corner in my house. LOL Oh yes, hush definitely means shut up. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Susan, the two standing naked, hands on head, relate to that. College roommate invited me to spend spring break with her mother. Rules of the house were explained, of course I like breaking rules. We came in late, and a few other things. Her mother had enough after three days and told me I could go leave or take the punishment her daughter was getting. I said the punishment. I was shocked, she waited until the next morning, awoke us early, told to take off our nighties and get to the front room. Both scolding like naughty little girls and then to my shock both given very sound over the knee spankings, first hand, than hairbrush. We both stood, not facing the wall but in the middle of the room, hands on head. Glad no one dropped in, we were then given baths, allowed to get dress. Went out to lunch, we both squirmed, the waitress notice, an older woman, never too old she said to my best friend mother, she smiled and said never too old.

Red said...

Baxter: you are welcome
Cat: any wall will do...
Susan: thanks for sharing
bottoms up