Small spankings

Mornings are not my best time of day, and have resulted in numerous short spankings. However, with all the practice Cindy had at Christmas time, these spankings are longer and more significant than ever before. Yesterday's spanking was quite a red bottom time, with many, many quick hard spanks with the wooden soup stirrer.

The spanking is simply declared: Bare your Bottom and bend over!" This was almost the ominous look
and this many strokes seems like what I was given, but better to look at a cute woman's bottom than mine
I instantly comply, because patience is not a virtue if the spanker is upset and wanting to solve the problem. Many spanks were given, and then the lecture about why i was being s panked, and i started to stand up for the lecture. Oops!

This spanking is not over, so bend over and stay there! My bottom looked like this... very read, with spanks everywhere
Many more spanks, and then all was forgiven....

My problem is that I sometimes move around in a foggy brained condition, leaving cupboard doors open, or forgetting the niceties of living with someone. I am working on correcting this, but the solution is get up, and throw water on my face, and wait a few minutes before going to the kitchen....

My whole life until retirement had me showering before going for breakfast, and thus waking myself up, and then shaving, and getting dressed, then breakfast...it seems pointless to shower first thing now, as we have no urgent plans, and I may go to the track or work outside in the garden, so I like to shower after working up a sweat....

On cruise ships, or vacationing, I always shower and get dressed first.

Old habits die hard, but stronger spankings first thing in the morning does get ones attention.

Keep smiling
but this should cheer your day... Hope you are lucky today
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I'd should have known better, my girlfriend and I were visiting her mother for the week. It was the third day and I head a spanking, her mother had my friend over her lap and soundly spanking her. We both had been getting a little out of hand. She looked at me and I soon was bare from the waist down, I got a very sound spanking, and found I enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous said...

The woman in the top picture strongly reminds me of N. (my late first wife) - and the wooden spoon was the first "tool" she used when she felt that "mere" hand-spankings were not sufficiently effective. (The martinet was the next one she acquired)


Red said...

anon: hopefully not during the spanking, but afterwards.
L: women are always learning to have the best implement to do the most effective spanking
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

It was afterwards when we both were in the bedroom admiring our red bottoms. I did manage to get a couple of more spankings from her mother, today an older woman I'm seeing provides my needs, she reminds me that no matter the age, naughty girls need a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Boy. I like to get "lucky"