orgasm then spanked (VERSION 1)

Two versions of this phenomena exist,so today's post will be the man brings himself to orgasm, |If you have never tried this,but want to try it, here is an idea!
Her words reflect your submissive position
DOES  your partner demand this at times?

It must be very humiliating to have the spanker watching you
or even giving you a time limit or more punishment will be added
and it could be quite difficult to orgasm under these circumstances! and then
 and then he is spanked




Anonymous said...

Dating a lady ten years older than I, thought I hid my spanking magazines, she found them. What was the shock is when she said you masturbate looking at them, I said yes. She told me to get to the bathroom, I had to sit on the toilet and preform for her. When I finished she said now lets see how you like a spanking, she was very good at giving me a spanking and it hurt like hell. I married this woman and not all times, but when I have really messed up, I stand in the bathtub, naked, and masturbate, she is holding the hairbrush.

Anonymous said...

R and I both love to masturbate for each other it's just a little kink we enjoy. So far I have never masturbated prior to getting spanked maybe I should ask if we can try it.

Domhnall the Second said...

Yes. I had requested an severe punishment spanking. To intensify the experience I was forced to orgasm prior to the spanking. The spanking began immediately and the pain level was definitely higher than anything I had previously experienced. It is not something I would care to repeat.

kdpierre said...

Yes, I experienced this a couple of times in my distant past, but not frequently and maybe only once with Rosa. It is extremely unpleasant and works well as a threat. I would do almost anything to avoid doing a punishment this way.

Anonymous said...

Yes and it is awful. It makes everything almost unbearable from the start.

Red said...

anon; best not to mess up very often

archedone; worth a try once. Do share your ideas about the experience afterwards.

domhnall: always good to try once, and know that it is in the arsenal for serious behavior problems

kdpierre: I have sometimes thought of asking, but after sex, absolutely no desire to try this. Good thing Cindy rarely looks at my blog, so the idea will not ever surface.

anon: thanks for sharing our experience
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