Here today, gone tomorrow

Well, we are home again, but already have planned the next one month vacation, which will happen in the not too distant future.

Life is an adventure, so be certain to have the time of your lives.

Our last vacation had us visiting with family, then going on a fabulous hiking vacation at different national and state parks... Being in different motel rooms, i was spanked frequently to make up for missed opportunities.

I remember that their were four reasonably effective spankings in eight days! All with the same wooden brush, bare bottomed, and over Cindy's knee. Some were earned, not make believe, as we are now trying to correct a behavior of mine that has always been unwanted, but accepted.

The first spanking was the day we arrived at the hotel, as a sort of fun but reminder that spankings will occur... followed by wonderful love making
(this is NOT Cindy, but is the shape of the brush... very effective)

The next spanking and the following was a result that when I get flustered, I tend to talk louder. "You are shouting at me!" These spankings were longer, and very effective.
We hiked daily, and had some fortuitous weather, as we were only rained on for half of one hike. If you would like to plan a road trip, here was our itinerary.
Fly to Vegas, stay overnight.
Stop at Valley of Fire state park for four or more hours,
on the way to Zion National Park for three nights.
Stop at Coral Pink Sand dunes state park for an afternoon,
on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park (best trail we thought was the Peek a Boo trail. Spend three nights.

The last spanking was the morning of the flight home,as we were out to late the previous night to be spanked. This was in front of the open curtains massive window of our hotel, with another high rise facing us. Wonder if anyone saw us?  Glad the seats were well padded for the flight home.

For your enlightenment: The newest item to be released today: Google is releasing the prototype::a self driving bike:

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, glad you had a great time, and hope you have fun on the next trip!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

What a great vacation. I've been to most of those places. Your last spanking by the windows. I hope your bottom was facing out so if anyone did see they had a good view of your spanking. During the spanking how did you feel knowing some one might be looking?

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. Sounds like you had fun. Hope the next one will be as good if not better. Now, am I talking about the vacations or the spankings? ;)

Or both? ;)


Red said...

Jan: thanks Jan

archedone: so very unlikely that anyone would see, that it was just a little thrill, and then the spanking had me thinking about my bottom and owwing, not if anyone was watching.

yorkie: definitely you are talking about both
bottoms up