fantasy Mondays

Fantasy Day:
You met on vacation, having come from the same hometown
and decided that you were both meant for each other!
mother-in-law is waiting
Doubt that you should stall, but she is beginning to think you are

words to reply: Yes Ma'am
photos are from https://cruelteacher.tumblr.com/
enjoy the fantasy
and remember to smile
and, fortunately, we live in gentler times
bottoms up


Hermione said...

Love the sign from Woodstock! I must pass that one along to Ron.


Anonymous said...

All these women with canes.....Do they need them to walk? I mean what other purpose would they need them for? Maybe they are teachers and use them to point to the blackboard. I'm glad we don't have a blackboard that R needs to point to.

Baxter said...

my old battle axe mother in law never looked like that. But I wouldn't mind my sister in law dealing with me. LOL

Like that sign about Trumps wives. just about right.

Red said...

archedone: Always be willing to try something new
Baxter: ask your wife if her sister would like to spank you, and your wife will then give you one heck of a spanking... win win
bottoms up

Red said...

Hermione: Glad to give Ron and you a smile. Somehow this did not appear until today, so only posted now.
bottoms up