dance time

Sometimes, photos whether staged or real, effectively get the point across.
My feet many times do a dance like shown when given a significant spanking
and Cindy proudly remarks about how nice they look dancing in appreciation of her efforts...
of course, women also dance when being spanked, first by raising up on the toes after a spank
 but as the spanking  progresses, both feet leave the ground in sequence
Enjoy your next dancing episode
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Dance during the spanking on her lap and afterwards. My wife spankings you cannot help but dance over her lap and she enjoys the show afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Susan, in a relationship with another woman, I so enjoy when I over her lap, naked, squirming, kicking and then dancing around the room afterwards, it is so good. When I sit on her lap and she said the spanking is out of love and rubbing my bottom and more I so enjoy. That evening in bed is so wonderful, spankings, dancing, it is heaven.

otkloverjohn said...

I too do the spanky feet dance, Red. Sometimes it gets to the point where she leg-locks me so she can spank my bare bottom harder.

Cat said...

Do like that last cartoon, Red. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I've never danced but have gripped the bed sheets with white knuckles.



Red said...

anon: seems appropriate. she should be entertained by her efforts in improving your behavior

Susan: glad it works for both of you

otkloverjohn: if you dance too soon, she might believe you are trying to mislead her, and re-double her efforts

Cat: you are welcome

Yorkie: you must have really deserved that spanking
bottoms up