orgasm then spanked (VERSION 1)

Two versions of this phenomena exist,so today's post will be the man brings himself to orgasm, |If you have never tried this,but want to try it, here is an idea!
Her words reflect your submissive position
DOES  your partner demand this at times?

It must be very humiliating to have the spanker watching you
or even giving you a time limit or more punishment will be added
and it could be quite difficult to orgasm under these circumstances! and then
 and then he is spanked




you asked her to spank you

You asked for her to spank you...
she is now ready to find more effective methods
 and now she is looking for tips
now,as your bottom contracts and tries to be smaller

you worry when she starts taking the initiative
She now has the determined look when about to spank you
and you try to smile and show  a carefree demeanor
but you now know she is in charge
 Best advice I can give you
bottoms up


boys will be boys

Fun photos floating around the Internet

this is a wonderful toy
 The eyes were meant for looking
 The eyes tell the story

However, when you are older, wandering eyes seen by your partner...
 and she will smile while you try to explain what happened
 and very happy to solve the problem
and maybe another spanking at bedtime
followed by an energetic strappping
bottoms up


thought for today

For all those men wishing their girlfriend or wife spanked them....
Don't we wish more women or men spanked their partner, and then pass the word on....
When someone is wrong.

 bottoms up
applies to men and to women
Might this have been one of the flight personnel involved in the atrocity of United air dragging a paying customer off of an airplane

bottoms up


Stay calm

Your future has been forewarned at dinner....
No choice, so follow this sound advice
bare your bottom and await your spanking
and if Cindy is about to spank me, she very enjoys it as much as this lady does
so, bottoms up
 every coaches dream....


Do the neighbors know/?

This is something that many people wonder, when indulging in spanking at home.

Your wife might be saying this, while spanking you with the window open..."I no longer care if the neighbors hear. They hear your boorish behavior with the windows open, so now they will hear you being spanked and scolded for this behavior."

Here is an idea that sounds marvelous, if you have misbehaved outdoors where everyone heard your rudeness
If you live with see through windows in the doors, whether front or the back of the house, beware misbehaving there, as your spanking might be an on the spot affair.

Our houses are blessed with many windows
and as summer approaches, those windows somewhere in thehouse are open
 So many ways for your neighbors to see or hear you being spanked, but if you were rude to a neighbor, maybe they will be invited to watch and hear your apology.
inspecting your spanked bottom in front of a window, naked from the waist down, is certainly a good hint.
I wonder who knows I am spanked.
bottoms up