The computer got me spanked

The mysteries of computers can confound you, and a little mistake is always possible. We quite often take a picture of my bottom after it has been spanked, that i then post on my blog. I always use the paint program to re-size them, so as the file is not too large. A 4 or 5 megabyte photo is unnecessary.

What I believe happened is that I had not closed the photo in Paint, and thus while sitting at the computer talking about a booking for a cruise, the screen went into screensaver mode, and my spanked bottom was the picture that appeared on the screen. Cindy was horrified, and FURIOUS! i was quite astonished, and mortified.

What if a friend, or a grandchild, or family member, or simply anyone was here at the time?

The spanking happened the next day, and Cindy made certain it would be memorable. She sat on the  spanking chair, and she requested something leather, and something wooden. (The short tawse, and the bath brush)
First a lecture of how awful having the picture appear on the screen. The tawse was then used, for a very long time. My feet were dancing, and i was owwwing. The tawse was used repetitively on one cheek then the other, so it was either diving into the crack,or wrapping somewhat on the far cheek. As the spanking progressed, I concentrated on keeping my legs tightly together, as that tawse spanking low was not going to hit anything else except my bottom. It felt like the tawse was spanking high, but the photo shows that the top part of my bottom was untouched. This must be due to my position over Cindy's knees.

When Cindy eventually stopped, she immediately picked up the wooden bath brush, and gave many  sharp spanks to the meaty part of my bottom.

When permitted to rise, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and after a couple of pictures, we had a most passionate love making session.

The room ws getting quite dark, but no flash was used as it dulls the red
Spankings solve the problem, sex is an added treat.
My bottom was pink this morning, and significantly red after a shower. It is sore to sit on today.
bottoms up


Rivulus said...

This is an exciting situation!

Anonymous said...

The tawse....is it so?

Best wishes,

Marco & Lindsay

kdpierre said...

What a textbook-perfect spanking offence! Just the right blend of naughtiness and real-world ramifications. And it seems like it ended well for you both.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, oh sorry but I am laughing my head off! You go Cindy...
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

I think I am definitely going to get both the short and long tawse when finances permit.

Wadda a mistake-a ta-make-a!


Anonymous said...

Maybe a slip of the mind or very busy but a spanking well deserved. R also takes pictures after a spanking and I can imagine the embarrassment if family would see and I can imagine the spanking I would get. it would be over the spanking bench until my bottom glowed like the sun then stay in position until it started to fade then she would start all over again. Sorry friend but you deserved that one.

Baxter said...

It wasn't your fault. some wirehead at Microsoft made it possible for you to royally F up and do that. Technology is good but when nefarious programming allows you to do stupid s*** without knowing it or any control over it, then I guess the only thing that should happen is a low tech paddling.

Njspank said...

I love the feeling the next day when I showe just hot!

Cat said...

Ooh Red...that could have been bad. Oh and thanks for the unicorn giggle. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

Well put and I'm betting you'd only make that mistake once!


Red said...

Rivulus; yes.
Marco and Lindsay: you should purchase both, the long and the shirt.
kdpierre: very, very true
Jan; glad to give you a smile..
Yorkie; worth their weight in gold.
archedone; very true.
Matt: hopefully only once., IF that was the reason that caused it.
Baxter: that is exactly what happened, but it may have been my carelessness of where I imported the pictures to.
Ron: true
Cat: Yes, it could have been worse, and glad you enjoyed the giggle.
bottoms up