submissive positions

Fun fantasies for today, or do you actually live some of these?
This is a rather fun poster, which applies for men and women...
However, in a female dominant situation, this might be appropriate
followed by rewarding the woman for spanking you

Who knows, she might even find a use for your erection
bottoms up


Baxter said...

I like the female dominant picture best. My wife does hold up an implement and instructs me to bend over and I obey.

Anonymous said...

I've been in a few of those positions but dressed different. Only wearing panties. The wait position while she tells me why I'm about to be spanked. The wall while she is using the belt or paddle on me. Humble while I'm waiting for her to peg me. Last but not least rewarding after my spanking.

Red said...

Baxter; seeing her holding up the implement does get ones attention
archedone: all sound delightful
bottoms up