Sandals and slippers

A smile first:The morning that Daylight Savings Time ended I stopped in to visit my aging friend.
 He was busy covering his penis with black shoe polish.
 I said to him, "You better get your hearing checked.You're supposed to turn your clock back".

Every woman has  at least a few pair of slippers and sandals, and I imagine every man who is spanked has felt their effect at some time in their life.
Perfect for that on the spot correction where he waits bare bottomed for her to remove the slipper
or she waits showing you the implement whle yo bare your bottom
hurry up,
get your bare bottom over here
Now this fine woman loves using a slipper, and retrieved it specially for your bottom
and intends to make good use of it
This caption is quite appropriate
That wooden sandal is so much sturdier than your bottom will ever be...
bottoms up


Cat said...

Have never had a slipper used on my tush...thank the good lord. :) Thanks for the very cute giggle, Red. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

My wife has a pair of shoes that have a hard plastic sole and I tried one out once on myself. When we are in a place where noise won't matter, I'd live to try it out.


Anonymous said...

20 some years of being spanked and so far never felt a slipper or sandal used on my bottom.

Anonymous said...

Please do not use a shoe for spanking which was in contact with dirty underground before.

Njspank said...

We have a hard sole sandal it is amazing. Stings but allows for a long spanking.

Anonymous said...

N. sometimes used one of her wooden-soled sandals to spank me (two or three times in an open-air location - including once in a village street in Spain) and I still remember it...


Red said...

Cat: maybe it is time to venture into the unknown, and be spanked with a slipper and/or sandal soon.

Yorkie: ask, and I am certain sometime in the future you will receive.

archedone: seems about time it happens. Do tell your reaction and the reaction of R when you have used one.

Spankfun: true, and thanks for reminding everyone, that the implement should be relatively clean, or the spankee should be made to clean the bottom of the slipper/sandal before it is then applied to their bottom.

Ron: delightful, thanks for sharing

L: sounds totally effective
bottoms up