Every reader has to know that if Cindy is spanked, my next few spankings will be soon to follow. We are both over our chest infections, and everything is back to normal after our vacation.

Their was actually a reason for this spanking, as I (we in my opinion.. spank spank) raised my (our ) voice(s) while a family member was present  My side of the story... Cindy does not use two mittens while in the kitchen. She holds a hot pan with a mitten, but uses her other hand to toss things around in the pan, or various other things with the bare hand. she has burned herself a few times. I did raise my voice, and that was why I was spanked.

Bare bottom, using those pillows of a post just a few days ago, and Cindy determined to make her point. She asked for the long Tawse, and the cane.

The spanking started and I BECAME A PIRATE1!!!!

What used to be owws and squirming was ARGHHHHHHHH AFTER ARRRRGHHHH s the long tawse landed with vigor.. My noises  were maybe influenced by just watching season three of Black Sails (have you watched it?) within four days (2/3 episodes a day). However, these came from deep inside me, and my bottom was TRULY BEING SPANKED.

The spanking continued for quite sometime, as i kept answering " but will you wear both mittens when working with hot pans /etc... Maybe 25 or more spanks, before Cindy agreed that she would wear both mittens,  and thus she then settled in to delivering many more strong spanks.

(Un) fortunately, the twelve days of Christmas has produced a Cindy who knows how to spank with strength and effectiveness.

When she finally said, okay you can get up, i thought the spanking was over, but I saw she was now holding the cane.

you will not raise you voice to me, understood. Yes Ma'am. Bend over the bureau and now I will sue this cane. It was as though I had not been spanked, because Cindy used the cane with her newfound vigor, and I was agreeing with absolutely everything she stated.

When she finally stated, Okay, that is enough, i immediately "thanked her for my spanking'

Later that day, the love making was fantastic.

Probably more spankings for me in the near future, and my bottom is very sore 8 hours later while I type this... and still rosy red

Only now have I looked at the pictures, and you can see one of the benefits of a tawse.. it reaches into the crack between my cheeks, COMPLETELY, and the gray at the bottom of my bottom has replaced the fire engine red. Photos without hte use of  flash.
bottoms up



Dan said...

I fully understand how your wife feels about raising you voice to her. We are vacationing in Florida right now and we were at the pool when I raised my voice and gave my wife a nasty answer to something she said. She grabbed me by me ear and march me to our room. When she pulled out a chair she said crap it has harms, So she tole me to get naked and stand in the corner and she will be right bac. She went to the office and asked the girl there if there was a chair available without the arm rests. She told the girl she needed it to discipline me. The girl said she will ask house keeping if there is one. My wife came back to the room and started to scold me then there was a knock on the door. The girl at the desk had a chair and saw ne standing naked in the corner. She left the chair and my wife went to town spanking me. After the spanking she told me to bring the chair back. That was very embarrassing but when I brought it back the girl told me to keep it until we check out just in case my wife needed it again.

Anonymous said...

Great story. Sounds like your wife might have made a convert there!


Cat said...

Sorry you got such a spanking, Red...I do understand that you were concerned about Cindy. Maybe she should get a spanking for endangering herself...I got more than one for not being careful.

Love the giggles...will let you keep the snowman. LOL

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I have just been warned that J. plans to use the carpet beater next time I need/deserve to be chastised. It has been a while since she last used it, but I still remember it (and how it sounded!)


Anonymous said...

Standing naked, facing the wall, hands at side, very red bottom on display, worse thing possible. Been soundly spanked by my wife, if not already naked, told to do so after the spanking. She could care less if I'm seen, I best not move until told so.

Red said...

Dan Mei: WOW!!! delightful to read, awful if it happened to me... Did she need it again?

Matt: hopefully it did make a convert... the more women that spank their husbands hte better the world would be..

Cat: she did get a spanking, which i posted two days ago. Glad you enjoy the giggles

L: I have found the carpet beater to be not very effective, as it is too stiff and does not get added momentum in the swing.

anon: seems appropriate, best to behave better
bottoms up

Njspank said...

I think it is amazing you always say the love making was amazing. Nice

Red said...

spankings are either foreplay, or solving a problem.. if the problem has been solved, then the sex is fabulous without inhibitions or thoughts about annoyances
bottoms up

Unknown said...

I have erection when spanked

Red said...

David: hope you are fortunate and in a great relationship, that also has some spanking.
bottoms up