Female dominant tumblrs

Well, time to list a few more sites for your enjoyment.

Classic F/M photos from the past. If you have been looking at these photos for many years, these are some of the oldest and best

http://serpent13.tumblr.com/   (spanked boyfriend)
"This is my fiance whom i have decided to spank and discipline regularly, to prepare him for a long happy marriage to me. I will make him a better man and regularly remind him that his bum belongs to me to do with as I please"

Bare bottom discipline makes for a better husband

A male spanking sub sharing some photos of what he likes

Enjoy roaming
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

"Her Word is Law" is the best. I especially like the picture of the male with an erection being put over her lap. Also the naked male kicking while being soundly spanked and others watching. I so wanted to be spanked, that I trusted a girlfriend in showing her the sight, she has since become my wife, and I get spanked, always naked, always erect, but it sure goes away quickly once over her lap.

Anonymous said...

How sexy.

Best wishes,

Marco & Lindsay.

Joe said...

Great pics! Love the theme.

Anonymous said...

Some good pics there Mr Red. Love the joke at the end. That's going on Facebook.

Happy Spankings


Red said...

Marco, Joe, and Yorkie: glad you liked the post
bottoms up

Njspank said...


Red said...

Ron: you are welcome

Baxter said...

these are grea

Red said...

Baxter: glad you like them