Cindy's second spanking

Cindy has been stating that she only asked for one spanking, and does not remember saying  "THREE".   As much as a gentleman that i am  :) , I insisted and spanking number two was given.

A brief summary will suffice! Cindy over my knee, with me sitting on the spanking chair is a quite pleasant change! Pants down, panties on, and a hand warm reviewing why she happens to be in this position of her own choosing. ("I don't remember saying three!").

Now the panties are lowered, and the hand spanking becomes firmer, bringing a nice glow to her bottom. Lecture about how we can avoid such a terrible fight over nothing, and how we have so many better ways to deal with stress. (and why the HELL are we stressed when putting things in a suitcase????

Sufficient spanks, and then i asked Cindy to reach down and hand me the wooden hairbrush. "No, your hand has been enough spanks". Sorry, but that was the warm-up, and the wooden hair brush is to give you something to remember whenever you start to lose it. The spanking was slow, with many spanks. We got to twenty, and Cindy announced that was twenty, but i reminded her that these spanks had nothing to do with the other spankings, and there will be more than 20 with the hair brush, not counting any of the hand spanks... None too hard for a YELP!, but all significant enough to be felt, I covered most of her bottom, and the top of her legs, and even held one cheek slightly aside to gently spank the white area between the cheeks,.
When finally satisfied that she was well spanked within my own imposed limits (no where as significant as what Cindy gives me, with both my permission and encouragement.) A spanking to be avoided, but never dreaded!

Cindy, with encouragement, thanked me for her spanking. We shortly thereafter made quite passionate and exhilarating love.
Late that day I told her I had no intention on giving her the third spanking, unless she does something new to deserve it. She readily agreed, whether that meant I agree to no third spanking, or her agreement included that she will be spanked when her behavior deserves it.

The next day, Cindy started to lose it over something trivial, i reminded her is this something so serious that it will need a spanking, and she immediately re-thought the situation and all was well. Both of us did not get upset, angry, and the little problem was put in perspective.

Afterwards, i reminded her that anything I do that causes her to be unhappy, she should deal with it by spanking me significantly on the spot, or putting a notch in the spanking chart ( it means five notches results in a strong spanking), or simply say later today I will spank you for this. So easy to solve any problem with a spanking.
and a parenting smile for today
bottoms up


Baxter said...

You wonder why you get stressed when putting stuff in a suitcase? Well you have to deal with airport traffic, congestion and chaos on both ends of the one way trip only to repeat on the way back and of course, TSA inspections. maybe spankings before and after all that stuff would be in order.

Cat said...

Hey Red...Don't know if Cindy's problem with packing but if it has to do with remembering everything that needs to go then a list might work for her. I used to travel a lot for my job so I created packing lists. They were generic (work vs personal plus winter vs summer). When I get ready to go somewhere, I pull up one of the computer, modify for this specific trip, print it out and then have an easy checklist to ensure I pack everything I need/want to take. If I happen to think of something not on the list, I simply add it so I can make sure it gets checked off.

Oh and Baxter has a good suggestion...sometimes a spanking kicks off a trip on the right note. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

It appears the spanking had results as a short reminder had her avoid the third spanking. Spanking does work to keep harmony in the family. I can agree with Baxter and I solved the problem. I refuse to fly any more if I can't get there by car I don't go. I used to fly quiet often and got sick of the airports and the cramped planes.

Anonymous said...

My wife sent a suggestive picture when I was on a business trip. I told to wear that when I got home, she did, the picture of the man hugging the woman, well that would be us, her bottom was properly spanked.Bob

Red said...

Baxter: a spanking before a vacation would settle the nerves! However, all the things mentioned are minor when you are going on a vacation.
Cat: The problem that Cindy had was packing to go home, from a cruise ship. Simply, everything in the room tha tis ours goes in a bag. She just stressed herself out over nothing. However, the two, not three spankings had her being delightful on our last vacation, and no comments or stress while I packed for each way of the journey. So, her being spanked, WORKED!!!
archedone: AW!!! i do not agree at all, because those cramped airplanes get me to somewhere exciting, tha tI could or would not want to drive to....I believe you need to be spanked daily until you agree to fly again, and then a spanking before packing, and a spanking before leaving for the airport, and you will find joy in flying.
Bob: delightful
bottoms up